17 Dashlane Usage Statistics You Should Know in 2024

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Dashlane usage statistics

Dashlane is one of today’s top password managers for a reason.

This vault has powerful feature sets for both individuals and organizations. Apart from storing unlimited login details and auto-filling them, it offers secure password sharing and generation too.

Moreover, it prioritizes cybersecurity and data and user management. It employs AES-256 encryption and supports two-factor authentication, personalized data breach alerts, and user-friendly dashboards.

So, it’s no wonder Dashlane has become the darling of many privacy- and security-minded internet users. Read on to discover the latest Dashlane usage statistics and other interesting facts!

Fascinating Dashlane usage statistics for 2024

Here are the most enlightening stats you need to know:

  • Dashlane is the world’s third-most used vault, owning 3.63% of the global password management market.
  • Dashlane’s number of individual users has crossed the 18 million mark.
  • At least 20,000 organizations depend on Dashlane to secure their credentials.
  • More than half a million paying customers help Dashlane keep its lights on.
  • The Dashlane Android app has 5 million downloads.
  • Nonprofit VillageReach’s password health more than doubled since adopting Dashlane.

General Dashlane usage statistics

Here’s what the numbers tell us about how and why Dashlane is so popular:

1. Dashlane controls 3.63% of the global password manager market.

(Source: Statista)

LastPass dominates the industry by a mile. By 2022, it had served 21.42% of all password vault users on the internet. It also has a three-year head start on Dashlane, being released in 2009 versus 2012.

However, it won’t be surprising if Dashlane overtakes second placer 1Password soon. Its market share is just 0.22% higher.

2. More than 18 million people secure login details with Dashlane.

(Source: Dashlane)

Being a freemium service is one of the reasons why Dashlane has grown its global user base dramatically. Its free version for personal use covers all the basics for a single device with no password storage limitation.

In contrast, the premium subscription also offers dark web monitoring and VPN protection.

3. Over 20,000 organizations trust Dashlane for enterprise password management.

(Source: Crunchbase)

Among them are:

  • BentoBox
  • BrainCapital
  • Jeffrey Demure + Associates
  • PepsiCo
  • RevGenius
  • SolarQuote.

As with Dashlane’s count of individual users, its number of enterprise clients has been on an upward trend too. Unlike plans for individuals, these yield more revenue because organizations pay more and on a per-seat basis.

4. 500,000+ subscribers keep Dashlane in business.

(Source: GetLatKa)

This figure represents only 2.77% of Dashlane’s entire audience (individuals and organizations alike). Since Dashlane solely lives off subscription fees, the 3% subsidizes the usage of the other 97%.

5. 0.04% of companies that depend on tech products for identity and access management are Dashlane users.

(Source: Enlyft)

This figure translates to 169 out of 395,382 companies. Most of them are headquartered in the US with 10-50 employees and a $1-$10 million revenue.

As far as market segments go, here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Marketing and Advertising — 16%
  • Information Technology and Services — 14%
  • Internet industries — 12%.

On the surface, having a 0.04% market share isn’t something to brag about. But out of the 114 Identity and Access Management products Enlyft is tracking, only 3 managed to take a slice of more than 5% of the pie. They are:

  • Google Identity Platform (53%)
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory (8%)
  • Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (7%).

6. By 2018, Dashlane had automatically filled out about 3 billion online forms.

(Source: PR Newswire)

Additionally, it announced that its user base reached 10 million individuals and 10,000 organizations that year. The company also flexed these interesting milestones:

  • 60 billion seconds saved by not having to retrieve or change forgotten passwords
  • 1.6 billion auto-logins performed
  • 77 million checkouts facilitated.

These Dashlane usage statistics demonstrated the utility of this password manager at the time. Its functionality continues to evolve to address the ever-changing cybersecurity needs in 2023.

7. Other than English, Dashlane supports 10 other languages.

(Source: Dashlane Support)

In addition to the default English language, the Dashlane app is now available in:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Swedish.

You can also access its website in different languages:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portugal Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Swedish.

However, its English blog is only translatable to French and German.

And when it comes to customer support, Dashlane’s knowledge base entries are available in English, French, German, and Spanish. It has English-, French-, and German-speaking customer care representatives.

Since Dashlane has users residing in more than 180 countries, this level of attention makes sense.

Notable Dashlane app statistics

Let’s see on which platforms people use Dashlane the most:

8. Android users have installed Dashlane more than 5 million times.

(Source: Google Play)

This figure accounts for just 27.75% of its entire global user base. Still, Apple rules the premium smartphone market in Dashlane’s main source of users: the US.

9. Dashlane’s Chrome extension helps 2+ million users resist password attacks.

(Source: Chrome Web Store)

This figure also includes extensions installed in other browsers built on Chromium like Opera.

Most modern browsers have a built-in password management feature. Although they use strong security features, they may not be enough to effectively fend off cyber attackers. A good case in point was when malware developers neutralized Chrome’s AES-256 encryption.

So, adding a full-fledged vault like Dashlane to your web browser isn’t redundant.

10. Dashlane is the password vault of choice for 700,000+ Edge users.

(Source: Microsoft Edge Add-ons)

Edge only makes up less than 6% of the global browser market share, so this figure isn’t bad. But it may increase significantly in the near future as Dashlane has pulled the plug on its legacy desktop apps.

In other words, Windows and macOS users will need to rely on browser extensions or web apps.

11. Dashlane has garnered +125,000 5-star reviews on App Store and Google Play.

(Source: G2)

Overall, Dashlane earned 4.6 stars from 2,900+ ratings from iPhone owners. It also has 4.7 stars from 16,000+ testimonials from Android aficionados by July 2023. These rave reviews are a testament to the password manager’s usability.

Inspiring enterprise Dashlane usage statistics

Want to know the hard facts about the Dashlane business? Have a look at what its most successful adopters were able to achieve:

12. 30 Buena Vista University (BVU) departments have adopted Dashlane.

(Source: Dashlane)

BVU Chief Information Officer Joe McLain wanted everyone on the campus to be safe from cyber threats. So, he launched a pilot program with Dashlane. It involved a group of 20 consisting of students, faculty members, and other school employees.

His initiative bore fruit: they found out that some of their login details were compromised. They even inspired the university president to join and create an account.

As of March 2022, Joe was able to convince no less than 30 BVU departments to use Dashlane. In fact, the vault had a perfect adoption rate.

13. Finder’s global team has a 92% adoption rate of Dashlane.

(Source: Dashlane)

As a Dashlane Business subscriber, Finder grew from a group of 10 in Australia to a massive team. Thanks to this vault, 460 talents in 7 countries across 3 continents can safely save and share sensitive information like API keys.

Likewise, Dashlane Business is instrumental in implementing Finder’s Principle of Least Privilege. The software’s Admin Console centralizes password management and ensures nobody gets to access data more than necessary.

14. Consero Global recorded an adoption rate of 90% after embracing Dashlane.

(Source: Dashlane)

To Consero, Dashlane represents a unified remedy for incompatible password security practices. 

To date, the Finance-as-a-Service company takes pride in having a high adoption rate with 600+ employees across the States, Canada, and India. From here on out, every Consero new hire undergoes Dashlane training to instill the organization’s password protection principles early on.

15. VillageReach’s password hygiene has improved by 122% after employing Dashlane.

(Source: Dashlane)

Before Dashlane, this healthcare-focused nonprofit had to contend with its employees and volunteers using weak credentials and reusing them.

But upon adopting Dashlane, the organization quickly unlearned its poor password hygiene. VillageReach’s Password Health Score jumped from 30 to 66.

16. Community Services Group (CSG) has seen 36% fewer account lockout incidents since signing up with Dashlane.

(Source: Dashlane)

CSG began using Dashlane to help keep its staff from getting locked out of their accounts. Part of the problem was that the nonprofit’s employees had to remember multiple credentials. They also had to re-enter them whenever their sessions timed out.

Luckily, Dashlane’s customized training videos, single sign-on, Admin Console, and autofill feature helped them overcome this.

17. Mercy Medical Cedar Rapids used Dashlane to accelerate site access by 60%.

(Source: Dashlane)

Prior to using Dashlane, Mercy Medical was attaching sticky notes to monitors to remember passwords. Although this rather crude method was effective, it prevented the staff from delivering patient care more urgently.

After embracing Dashlane, Mercy Medical employees have been able to access password-protected sites much more quickly. The hospital has also been onboarding its new hires with this vault and recorded an adoption rate of 90%.

Wrap up

Password vaults are only going to be more popular over time. As the above Dashlane usage statistics indicate, this product may become a cybersecurity staple. 


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