Is Your VPN Not Working With eero? [Detailed Guide]

vpn not working with eero

In 2019, eero raised the ire of privacy-minded users after Amazon acquired it. To help ease surveillance fears, the smart home automation company promised not to snoop on average internet users. Still, the mesh WiFi router brand’s stock price plummeted after the news broke out. Lately, some subscribers complained about VPN issues with eero. So … Read more

How To Set Up WireGuard Without Port Forwarding [Simple Guide]

WireGuard without port forwarding

Port forwarding could add another layer of complexity to an already meticulous WireGuard setup. So, if you’re not totally confident in your technical know-how, you should go with a method that doesn’t require it. Below, we’ll explain how to configure WireGuard without port forwarding. We’ll also cover alternative ways for remote access. Ready? How to … Read more

How To Fix WireGuard “Your Internet Access Is Blocked” Error

Wireguard Your Internet Access Is Blocked

Let’s face it — configuring WireGuard from scratch is tricky. The process is very technical, so it’s not uncommon to experience hiccups along the way. Perhaps the most confusing issue you could encounter is the WireGuard “Your internet access is blocked” error. But don’t worry. Below, we’ll explain what’s behind this problem and lead you … Read more

5 Best WireGuard VPN Services to Sate Your Need for Speed

Best WireGuard VPN

WireGuard is arguably the biggest step in VPN technology in recent memory. Although this tunneling protocol is still under development, its novelty hasn’t stopped service providers from embracing it immediately. So, what are the best early adopters of WireGuard? Let us introduce you to our top picks! What are the best WireGuard VPN services? The … Read more

WireGuard Split Tunnel Config Guide for Windows and More

WireGuard split tunnel

WireGuard is a powerful protocol that obscures your internet traffic. On top of that, it dramatically reduces the often inevitable speed loss when using a VPN. However, you don’t always need to route your communications through WireGuard. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to connect to the internet like normal. To get the best of both worlds, … Read more

Best Wireguard VPNs for Router [Top 5 Picks]

best wireguard vpn for router

Generally, you can’t use WireGuard to protect devices that don’t natively support VPN clients. Until recently, your safest choice was to use either OpenVPN or IKEv2 configuration files for manual setup. But as this revolutionary protocol gained mainstream recognition, the number of WireGuard config providers started to grow. Today, we talk about our five top … Read more

How to Configure WireGuard on Windows [Step-by-Step]

WireGuard Windows config

Setting up WireGuard on your PC is one of the smartest ways to increase your online anonymity. Best of all, you can bolster your cybersecurity without experiencing the kind of speed loss associated with VPN sessions. However, is it difficult to create a WireGuard Windows config from scratch? Thankfully, it’s not that complicated. Our guide … Read more