Doublehop VPN Review - Does it Measure Up to The Big Names?

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Want to get Doublehop VPN but would like to see a review of all it offers? You’re in the right place!

doublehop vpn review
Doublehop VPN

Doublehop VPN is a relatively small VPN service provider, but it has grown over the years due to the top-notch security and services that it offers.

The company is based in Seychelles and can be described as a joyous brand based on the language that they use to describe their services and the general mood you get from their website.

Their service is primarily focused on security, and you can read this Doublehop VPN review to know more about it.

So let’s get started.

Pricing & plans

Doublehop VPN provides you with only one package, which has 2 different billing periods.

These are the:

  • 1-month plan for $9, billed monthly
  • 1-year plan for $33, billed annually

To sign up, you will only be required to provide your email address or your Telegram number.

You can then choose a billing period then proceed to pay for the service.

One interesting thing about Doublehop VPN is that they only accept Bitcoins for payment.

This is in its bid to keep users as private as possible since Bitcoin is the most anonymous form of payment that leaves a minimal trace.

You can find here a list of all the best VPNs that accept Bitcoins.

This, therefore, means that you cant have Doublehop VPN without Bitcoins.

So here’s a tip. You can buy Bitcoins from a friend or someone near you. Or you can also buy them directly from an exchange with your bank account.

With Bitcoin payment, only your email address is collected as information when you place an order. However, it is important to note that with this VPN, there is no money-back guarantee!

The following data is kept for 72 hrs solely for the purposes of troubleshooting:

  • The order ID
  • Your email address (or Telegram number)
  • Payment Status
  • Order Totals (in Bitcoin)
  • USD, BTC/ USD exchange rate
  • Bitcoin address
  • Timestamp

The company clearly states that no traffic or data is collected during a session.


The VPN is compatible with the most popular systems including:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • iOS,
  • MacOS &
  • Android

Doublehop VPN supports support 6 simultaneous connections; one per each double-hop pair.

Doublehop VPN features

Now let’s review what features and benefits Doublehop VPN offers.

The double-hop technology

Doublehop VPN greatly excels in security by offering the double-hop feature, from which its name is actually derived.

What is a double hop?

Here is a simple explanation:

When you are connected to a regular server, your internet traffic is routed through a single VPN server. That is a single-hop VPN service.

With a double-hop VPN, your traffic is routed through 2 servers that are located in different jurisdictions.

Such a connection offers significantly high levels of anonymity, privacy, and security, as one would need sophisticated timing attacks to have a chance with traffic that is streaming from multiple locations in different jurisdictions at the same time.

Here is an illustration of the double hop technology.

doublehop technology
Doublehop VPN Technology


Double-hop VPN goes a step further and encrypts this traffic with the latest technology.

It uses AES-256 encryption between clients and nodes with RSA-4096 for key exchange and certificates, as mentioned on their website.

Since the traffic goes through 2 different servers, you will be right to say that this is twice as strong as the regular AES-256 encryption.

The AES-256 and RSA-4096 encryptions are combined with the OpenVPN protocol and P2P connection to create secure tunneling that ensures that all your traffic is transferred without any interference.

For your privacy, they have a zero-log policy that keeps you from worrying about your anonymity.

In terms of security and privacy, Double-hop VPN surely rivals the big players in the Industry.

Servers & operations

Doublehop VPN, being a small company, does not offer many servers. It only has 6 servers, which are based in 5 different countries. These are:

  • Finland
  • Canada
  • The United States
  • Spain
  • Netherlands

This is quite a small number in comparison to most of their rivals, but they may still be enough for your personal needs. You can use them to unblock restricted content securely.

The double-hop feature is available to

  • The Netherlands through the US, and to the US through the Netherlands server
  • Spain through Canada, and to Canada through the Spain server
  • Finland through Canada, and to Canada through the Finland server
doublehop vpn server network
Doublehop VPN Servers Network

The website

We found the Doublehop VPN website to be a huge disappointment in terms of user-friendliness.

The website doesn’t have navigation buttons at the top, and you will have to scroll down to see whether what you are looking for is available.

However, you won’t find any user guides or FAQs that tell you how to use their service, and the only thing that they guide you to do is subscribe.

They also don’t have a live chat system on the website.

However, the whole website is filled with a joyous tone that brings a happy atmosphere. You can go through it and read more about them.

Customer support

Professional assistance from the company is delivered within 24 hrs since they don’t have live chat support.

This is quite a long wait and they have no alternative forms of assistance.

As mentioned earlier, their website also doesn’t have additional guides for app settings or an FAQ section.  This is not very impressive and one is almost always lost on how to start going about the procedures.

Doublehop VPN Pros & Cons


  • High-security levels (double hop connection)
  • Accepts Bitcoin


  • Doesn’t have a Kill Switch (Protects users when the VPN connection drops)
  • Few countries to choose from
  • Limited servers
  • Only 1 simultaneous connection
  • No free trial
  • No money-back guarantee

Doublehop VPN review – Conclusion

Doublehop VPN is a great VPN for your personal online security if the listed servers are appropriate for you. Additionally, there are no third parties involved, which boosts your privacy even further.

We hope this review of Doubehop VPN answered all your questions.

We found Doublehop VPN to have a few negatives, which we all listed in the Cons section. If you have no problem with that, then Doublehop VPN is the perfect VPN for your online security.

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