IPVanish Keeps Disconnecting? Here are 6 Working Fixes

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IPVanish keeps disconnecting

IPVanish is a high-quality service, but if it keeps disconnecting, you’ll need to address the issue ASAP. 

So, I’ll show you six fixes that have helped me since I started having this problem.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Switch VPN servers

IPVanish has over 2,200 servers. While that’s pretty decent, it’s definitely not a huge number.

So, sometimes, your disconnection issues can be due to a specific server’s instability or overcrowding. To address this, try switching to a different one. One closer to your physical location may provide a more stable connection. 

Follow the steps to connect to the closest server;

  1. Tap on the Pin Icon.
  2. Click Optimal Location.
IPVanish servers

2. Switch internet connections

Unstable or slow internet connections can contribute to IPVanish disconnections. If you’re using Wi-Fi, try switching to a wired Ethernet connection to eliminate potential wireless issues.

Additionally, consider connecting to a different Wi-Fi network if available. A more reliable internet connection often resolves problems related to frequent disconnects.

3. Reinstall or update the IPVanish app

Outdated or corrupted applications can lead to connectivity issues.

Ensure you are using the latest version of the IPVanish app by checking for updates in your device’s app store or the official website. If the problem persists, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app to eliminate any potential software glitches.

To reinstall the app;

  1. Click on the Windows icon then select the tap on the Control Panel.
  2. Select Programs.
Windows' Programs
  1. Click the Program and Features button.
Windows' Program and Features
  1. Right-click on the IPVanish app then tap Uninstall.
Unistall IPVanish
  1. Go to the IPVanish official website and tap on Apps. Pick an application compatible with your device, download it, and launch it on your device.
IPVanish Apps

Sometimes, when you use an outdated app, IPVanish will notify you to update the app. Simply tap on update, and you’ll get the latest version.

This fix should work. If it doesn’t, I still have more for you.

4. Add an exception for IPVanish to your firewall and antivirus

Firewall and Antivirus might detect IPVanish as a threat leading to disconnection issues. On the other hand, turning them off puts your computer at risk. 

What next?

Consider adding your IPVanish to the exception list for your firewall and antivirus.

I’ll start with steps to add an exception to your antivirus:

  1. Press the Windows button, type “Window Security,” and hit enter.
  2. Select Virus & threat protection.
Virus & threat protection
  1. Click Manage settings.
Manage virus & threat protection settings
  1. Under Exclusions, tap Add or remove exclusions.
Add or remove exclusions
  1. Select Add an exclusion and select IPvanish.
Add an exclusion

To add your IPVanish to the exception list for your firewall, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard then type “Control Panel” and hit Enter.
  2. Click System and Security. 
Windows' System and Security
  1. Click on Windows Defender Firewall.
Windows Defender Firewall
  1. Click Advanced Settings.
Firewall Advanced Settings
  1. Click Inbound Rules.
Inbound Rules
  1.  Click New Rule.
New rule
  1. Select Program, then click Next.
Inbound rule - Program
  1. Tap Browse.
Browse File
  1. Select IPVanish and click Open.
IPVanish app
  1. Click Next.
Add IPVanish file
  1. Select Allow the connection then tap Next.
Allow the connection
  1. Choose when to apply the rule. You can tick either Domain, Private, or Public, or tick them all. Click Next.
Select where the rule should apply
  1. Add a name and description (optional), then click Finish.
Add a name and description

If IPVanish has stopped disconnecting, congratulations, but if not, try the next fix.

5. Contact IPVanish support

Sometimes, the issue might not actually be on your end, so contacting customer support is a good move. 

Give detailed information about your disconnection issue, including any error messages and the steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot. 

The support team can offer personalized assistance and guide you through additional troubleshooting steps to resolve the disconnection problem.

6. Use another VPN

If none of the fixes above work, then it may be time to move on to another service.

There are several good alternatives, but ExpressVPN takes the first spot. It has a proprietary Lightway Protocol that’s optimized for both security and performance. Additionally, the VPN consistently ranks at the top when it comes to connection speed and stability.

Setting it up is also pretty easy:

  1. Visit ExpressVPN’s website.
ExpressVPN Website
  1. Choose a subscription plan.
ExpressVPN Pricing
  1. Download an app that is compatible with your device.
ExpressVPN Apps
  1. Launch the app and log in with your credentials.
ExpressVPN logging in
  1. Pick a server and connect.
ExpressVPN connected


Enjoy a fast and stable connection with this high-performing VPN.

Wrapping up

Maintaining a stable VPN connection is crucial for online privacy and security. If you find that IPVanish keeps disconnecting, don’t panic.

The six possible fixes I’ve outlined can help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue, ensuring a seamless and secure VPN experience. 

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