Is VPN Legal In Uzbekistan? [All You Need To Know]

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Uzbekistan has strict internet censorship laws that make it almost impossible for citizens of the country to access certain websites.

The country’s censorship limits the level of information and technology the people can access. This is most especially in a bid to curb civil unrest as a result of religious or political issues.

This is why its citizens use VPNs to evade restrictions and access blocked platforms.

But with laws so strict, it’s natural to wonder if using VPN is even legal in Uzbekistan. Find below everything you need to know.

VPNs are legal in Uzbekistan as there are no laws against their use specifically. However, it is illegal to access restricted websites while using a VPN in the country.

So it’s not necessarily the usage of a VPN that can get you in trouble, but the type of website you access when using it.

Generally, VPNs serve various security functions including privacy protection and data encryption. That is why you will have no problems if you use a VPN in Uzbekistan for privacy protection.

Why it’s a good idea to use a VPN in Uzbekistan?

A VPN is a must-use in Uzbekistan as the country has a reputation for monitoring the online activities of its citizens.

Therefore, in order to protect your data while in the country, below are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to use a VPN in the country:

1. Internet censorship

Uzbekistan is one of the countries with strict internet censorship. This affects independent journalists and social media apps like TikTok.

Furthermore, the country has heavy restrictions on games, porn, and news sites.

In order to bypass this you need to use a VPN.

2. Access VoIP services

VoIP services are blocked in Uzbekistan. For example, Skype has been blocked multiple times.

To be able to use this service, you need to use a VPN to change your virtual location to a different one from Uzbekistan.

3. Secure WiFi connection

Connecting over public Wi-Fi without a VPN puts you at various risks.

Using a VPN while connecting to public WiFi hides your actual IP address and protects your traffic so no one can see your browsing history.

4. Access geo-blocked content

Certain websites and platforms are banned in the country, including news sites and international libraries of streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Many other streaming services are banned in the country. To bypass these restrictions, using a VPN is important.

5. Security from prying eyes

Your ISPs may be tracking and storing information about your activity to comply with the country’s monitoring laws.

Using a VPN guarantees your privacy and security from prying eyes which include your ISPs, the government, and potential hackers.


At this point, if you have been wondering if using a VPN is legal in Uzbekistan, now you have a definitive answer.

As long as you don’t visit illegal sites while using a VPN, you should be safe from trouble. Since the country’s internet is highly regulated, it’s best you use a strong VPN that cannot be detected and blocked.

However, since geo-restrictions, internet surveillance, and censorship exist, it’s important to use a VPN in Uzbekistan. This makes accessing basic websites and other platforms easy.