20+ Intriguing PureVPN Statistics You Should Know in 2024

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purevpn statistics

Have you ever wondered about the significant presence of PureVPN in the VPN industry? And guess what? It’s got over 3 million users worldwide!

That’s just one exciting piece of information about this VPN service. But hold on, there’s more we want to share with you.

In this article, we’ve gathered more than 20 fascinating statistics about PureVPN’s revenue, demographics, key features, and more.

Important PureVPN statistics

  • PureVPN has a global network of 6,500 servers in 78 countries.
  • The United States leads in sending traffic to purevpn.com, contributing to 20.93% of total visitors.
  • PureVPN finds its greatest popularity among users aged 25-34.
  • Approximately 46.91% of PureVPN’s website traffic comes from organic search.
  • The service’s website garners a remarkable 1.8 million monthly visits.

General PureVPN statistics and facts 

PureVPN has been in operation since 2007 but has recently undergone substantial improvements to offer the best deals to all. 

So, is PureVPN gaining more users? What’s the typical user profile? And which countries are most interested? We’ll answer these questions and more in the general PureVPN statistics below. 

1. PureVPN was founded in 2007

(Source: PureVPN) 

PureVPN was launched in 2007 by three newly graduated entrepreneurs – Aaqib Gadit, Umair Gadit, and Uzair Gaditand. It began with two servers and reached 16 global locations in the following year.

The company achieved two major milestones between 2009 and 2010 by introducing apps for Windows and Mac while also launching a dedicated IP feature as an add-on.

Furthermore, in 2013-2014, it reached an impressive mark of 200,000 users, expanded its team to 100 members, and introduced the cutting-edge OpenVPN protocol.

By 2016 its user base grew to over 1 million and the company added essential features like Ad Blocker, Secure DNS, and Malware Protect.

2. PureVPN is trusted by over 3 million users worldwide in 2023

(Source: PureVPN)

This VPN provider has managed to satisfy its customers and has gained over 3 million users since its launch in 2007. 

This impressive number of users is a testament to the efficiency and reliability of its service.

3. The VPN provider offers 20 Gbps network bandwidth 

(Source: PureVPN)

In 2021, PureVPN upgraded three of its most prominent locations to 20 Gbps servers, allowing users to enjoy lightning-fast speeds. 

This upgrade doubled the speed in important places like London, Manchester, and Washington. The provider also plans to launch more 20 Gbps server locations in the future. 

4. PureVPN has a massive network of 300,000 IPs and 6,500 servers in 78+ countries 

(Source: PureVPN)

PureVPN boasts 300,000 IPs and 6,500 servers in 78+ countries, making it one of the largest VPN providers in the industry

With servers in major countries like the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK, it provides users with a reliable and secure connection no matter where they are.

5. Users can subscribe to PureVPN for just $2.29 per month 

(Source: PureVPN) 

PureVPN offers subscription plans to suit every budget. Currently, users can access it for a month, a year, or two years. 

Interestingly, it’s one of the best-priced VPN providers. Here’s the pricing breakdown:

  • Monthly: $12.45 per month
  • Yearly: $3.74 per month ($44.95, billed annually)
  • 2 Years: $2.29 per month ($54.95 for the first 24 months)

It also offers a 7-day trial at just $0.99, allowing users to try the service before committing.

6. KPMG confirmed PureVPN’s no-logs claims in 2021

(Source: PureVPN)

In 2021, KPMG confirmed PureVPN’s no-logs claims, making it one of the most trustworthy VPN providers in the industry. 

As per the agreement, KPMG can conduct a thorough surprise audit of its processes and servers at any time without prior notice.

With this, users can trust that their online activity is safe and secure with PureVPN.

7. PureVPN relocated its headquarters to the British Virgin Islands in 2021 

(Source: PureVPN)

In 2021, PureVPN took a big step to safeguard its users’ privacy. It moved headquarters from Hong Kong to the the British Virgin Islands – a place with strong privacy laws. 

There, VPNs like PureVPN don’t have to keep your data, since the country isn’t part of any surveillance groups. 

PureVPN’s ranking, user base, and demographic stats  

How many people use PureVPN around the world? Who are these users, and where are they from?

Let’s check the numbers and get to know PureVPN’s user base and global reach.

8. The global site ranking of purevpn.com increased in August 2023

(Source: Similarweb)

The website visibility of PureVPN increased from 37,544 to 37,809 between June and August. This demonstrates its growing popularity among VPN users.

It could also indicate that PureVPN is doing a good job of improving its website and content.

9. As of September 2023, the US tops the charts for desktop users

(Source: Semrush) 

Purevpn traffic distribution

The primary user base of PureVPN is in the United States, making up 36% of the pie, which is about 206.3K users. Canada comes next, with 14% and approximately 79.6K users

The UK is third with 12%, which equates to 68.5K visitors. 

These numbers highlight PureVPN’s strength in North America and Europe, with a growing user base in other areas too.

10. PureVPN’s website reached an average of 1.8 million visits in August 2023 

(Source: Similarweb)

PureVPN monthly site visits

The website had an average of 1.8 million visits in August 2023, with a total of 5.5 million visits between June and August

This represents a 1.55% decrease from the previous month. 

In July, the website’s traffic increased from 1.8 million visits in the previous month to 1.9 million visits.

11. Audiences in the age group of 25-34 year olds make up 31% of traffic 

(Source: Similarweb)

PureVPN users age statistics

The most prominent age group among visitors is 25 to 34 years old, constituting 31.06% of PureVPN’s traffic.

The numbers trend downward as users get older:

  • 35 to 44-year-olds make up 20.06%
  • 45 to 54-year-olds contribute 12.22%
  • 55 to 64-year-olds account for 7.72%
  • Those aged 65 and over represent 4.86%.

However, the 18-24 age group had the second-highest contribution, about 24.09% of the total traffic. 

These PureVPN statistics show that the service is popular among young adults who are tech-savvy and concerned about their online privacy and security.

12. PureVPN audience by gender in 2023 

(Source: Similarweb)

Purevpn gender demographics

According to recent statistics, 68.59% of visitors to purevpn.com are males, while females make up 31.41% of its audience. 

These numbers show that PureVPN has a significantly larger male audience but women are still interested in the service.

Search terms and web traffic 

Is the audience seeking out PureVPN, or are other VPN providers dominating search results? Let’s look at the data to understand these PureVPN stats better. 

13. Website traffic sources in August 2023  

(Source: Similarweb)

PureVPN traffic source stats.

The VPN provider uses different ways to promote itself, such as social media, ads, and email promotions. 

An analysis of data from August 2023 reveals the following:

  • 43% of the visitors came directly to the website.
  • A significant 46.91% found the website through search engines.
  • Links on other websites generated 2.61%
  • Only 2.54% came from social media
  • The smallest source was email, with just 0.43%.

The data shows that organic search results and direct site access are the primary drivers of purevpn.com. Together, they accounted for nearly 90% of its total traffic in August 2023.

(Source: Similarweb)

PureVPN keyword stats

The most popular keywords on purevpn.com are:

  • “purevpn” (47.8k traffic)
  • “pure vpn” (21.6k traffic)
  • “purevpn download” (4.4k traffic)
  • “purevpn login” (3.4k traffic)
  • “暗网” (2.1k traffic)

The fact that the top keyword is “purevpn” suggests that users are familiar with the brand and are looking for more information. 

The keyword “download” reflects high demand for the software. 

Notably, “暗网” translating to “dark web” suggests a considerable Chinese-speaking audience is interested in both VPNs and PureVPN as a provider.

15. In 2023, Reddit generated the highest number of social traffic for PureVPN 

(Source: Similarweb)

PureVPN social media stats

From June to August 2023, Reddit dominated social media traffic to PureVPN with 72.17%, surpassing all other platforms combined. 

Its strength lies in popular Reddit communities and discussions, where users actively engage with PureVPN topics. 

YouTube contributed another 12.18%, whereas Vkontakte, a Russian social media platform, added another 7.22%. Twitter comes last with 1.75%.

16. Visitors spend an average of 1:24 minutes on PureVPN’s website

(Source: Similarweb) 

PureVPN stats on website traffic

On average, visitors spend approximately 1 minute and 24 seconds on the website before departing. 

Additionally, there’s a 61.1% bounce rate, signifying that over half of purevpn.com’s visitors exit after viewing just one page without further engagement.

17. 19.99% of the referral traffic comes from computers electronics, and technology sites 

(Source: Similarweb)

PureVPN stats

The largest portion of purevpn.com’s traffic, 19.99%, originates from websites related to computers electronics and technology. 

Significant sources also include banking, credit, and lending sites (19.86%), along with programming and developer software sites (16.46%). 

The rest of the traffic comes from various sources, such as video game consoles, news & media publishers, and others.

PureVPN market share, revenue, and company statistics 

Is PureVPN positioned to dominate in the VPN industry? Let’s analyze its market share, revenue, and company statistics to learn more:

18. Purevpn.com attracts approximately 29,775,240 visits per year 

(Source: Worth Of Web) 

PureVPN data stat

Purevpn.com draws a substantial amount of traffic, estimated at 82,709 visits daily.

This equates to about 2,481,270 monthly visits, showcasing substantial user interest in this VPN service.

For a year, purevpn.com has accumulated roughly 29,775,240 visits, a strong indicator of its popularity and user trust. 

19. The website’s estimated annual revenue is $446,400

(Source: Worth Of Web)

PureVPN estimated revenue stats.

Based on approximations of average traffic and ad revenue figures, PureVPN’s earnings can be broken down as follows:

  • $1,240 per day
  • $37,200 per month
  • $446,400 per year

It’s important to note that these estimates are for the website and not the company as a whole. 

20. Team growth: PureVPN’s workforce expands to 300-400 employees

(Source: PureVPN)

The company’s official sources show that the team expanded to 200 members during 2017-2018

Subsequently, in 2022, it reported further growth, reaching a 300-strong team

In the current year, 2023, it’s anticipated that the company’s workforce will continue to expand, likely surpassing 300 and nearing 400 employees.

21. The company’s estimated annual revenue is estimated to be $25.0M – $50.0M 

(Source: Similarweb)

According to Similarweb, PureVPN’s yearly earnings range from $25 million to $50 million.

This means that the company makes between $68,493 and $136,986 each day, and about $2,054,790 to $4,109,589 per month.

Wrap up 

These PureVPN statistics provide a complete assessment of how well this provider has been doing. These insights are valuable in understanding how far it has come in the VPN industry.

With its dedication to user privacy, a commitment to transparency, and a focus on delivering an exceptional user experience, PureVPN continues to empower individuals to assert control over their online privacy and security. 


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