FIX: Transmission not working with VPN (4 effective hacks)

  • Transmission is a very popular and free BitTorrent client featuring high-quality characteristics as well as a minimalistic and easy-to-use interface
  • Because of evident reasons (VPN security & protection), many users choose to use Transmission along with a VPN service when downloading torrents
  • In some cases several users experienced issues with the client and their VPN, so we came up with a few techniques to help you out
  • Turning on the kill switch, checking for connection leaks, using a VPN that supports P2P traffic, etc. are known to work in most of the cases where problems may occur

Many users turn to a VPN service when downloading or uploading torrents, in order to preserve their anonymity and protect their identity from ISPs.

However, some users complained about having issues with Transmission and the VPNs, where the torrents fail to download or upload when connecting to a VPN.

Why use Transmission

Transmission is a free and open-source BitTorrent client licensed under GNU General Public License, with parts under the MIT License.

Being open source provides transparency and allows anyone interested to check if the software has malicious code, is secure and respects privacy.

The client is lightweight and minimalistic and comes with a visually appealing and easy-to-use interface that combines both a good functionality and simplicity.

Also, by being available for all the major operating systems and offering customization of settings and an extensive variety of features, Transmission is the preferred torrenting option for many users.

Among the features offered by Transmission are support for encryption, download scheduling, remote management and IP filtering, remote and local access, a web interface, command-line tools and optional Daemon support.

Transmission offers a better user experience compared to other more complex competing services. It can be configured to download files from folders, RSS feeds, etc. without having to control it manually.

All in all, Transmission is a good option for those looking for a minimalist yet effective torrent client, but it lacks some features present in other rival products, like an integrated search engine or proxy server support.

If Transmission is not working with your VPN, you’ve landed in the right spot because we found solutions to your potential issues.

How can I make Transmission work with a VPN?

1. Turn on the VPN firewall or kill switch

Most VPN services have a kill switch or firewall (this one is different from the Windows Defender firewall) which disconnects your internet when there is no VPN connection.

Your VPN connection can be disrupted by various reasons, and you might not even be aware of that.

When this thing happens, the torrent download will not stop or pause but will continue downloading without the VPN connection.

Enabling the kill switch or firewall feature depending on the VPN service could help you if your Transmission BitTorrent client is not working with a VPN connection.

When the kill switch is turned on, Transmission will pause any downloads on a non-VPN connection.

Some VPNs have what is called a firewall feature which is equivalent to a kill switch.

In case your VPN has a system-wide firewall that stays active after you exit the VPN client, we recommend that you activate it.

2. Make sure there are no connection leaks

When you use a VPN service, all your data are tunneled through the VPN network.

Sometimes you may experience some leaks, especially when your data escape from the VPN.

Since some Internet Service Providers have filters that detect and restrict P2P traffic, a leaking connection will make your Transmission downloads not work.

Fortunately, you can check your VPN connection for leaks by using free online services like IPX, Browserleaks, ipleak, etc.

Try some of these services, check for leaks and in case you find any, you need to switch to a more reliable VPN to download Transmission torrents successfully.

3. Use a VPN server that supports P2P traffic

Torrenting is considered a peer-to-peer (P2P) activity, and since users use it for illegal activities, P2P traffic is blocked in some countries.

Also, some VPN services have blocked P2P traffic in order to comply with certain regulations.

If your VPN server does not support P2P traffic, your Transmission downloads may not be working, and therefore, you should get your downloads working again by switching to a server that supports P2P operation.

Since some VPN servers don’t work with P2P traffic and you download a lot, go for a VPN that supports this kind of traffic and always choose P2P-enabled servers when you are torrenting. Our suggestion is PIA (Private Internet Access) as it has excellent features for P2P activities.

4. Disable IPv6 on your device

Here’s how to disable IPv6 on a Wi-Fi network on Windows 10:

  1. Type Settings in the search bar and click on the app
  2. Click on Network & Internet
  3. Under Advanced network settings, click on Change adapter options
  4. Righ-click on your internet adapter and select Properties from the context menu
  5. Go to Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6), uncheck the box next to it on the left and then click OK

Your computer supports two internet protocols, namely, IPv4 and IPv6, with IPv4 being the most used protocol, while IPv6 is newer and not very much supported.

Because of that, most VPN services are not equipped to protect IPv6 traffic from your Internet Service Provider.

While some VPNs pretend to support IPv6, they may not inform their users about all the limitations and that is why disabling IPv6 on your device is the best recommendation if you cannot use Transmission on your VPN connection.


When downloading torrents from a client such as Transmission, it’s a good choice to use a VPN service because it offers you a safer browsing experience and protection from entities trying to steal information or spy on you.

A VPN server hides your real IP address so that peers can’t see your actual location, and it encrypts your internet traffic, which blocks your ISP from finding out that you are using a torrent site.

Because of that, under no circumstance should you be discouraged from using the Transmission torrent client with a VPN service connection.

Whether your VPN kill switch or firewall is turned off, the VPN is leaky or does not support P2P activity or there might be other issues, you are not alone in this.

If your Transmission client is not working with a VPN, check this step-by-step guide and apply the solutions presented in it so you can download your favorite torrents without any interruptions.