How to Unblock Roblox in 2024 [School Block Bypass]

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Unblock Roblox

Looking to unblock Roblox in your country? We’ve got you covered!

Roblox is a popular online game platform where you can play or program games in a fun way.

It’s possible to play your own creations, but you can also play the games of other users.

As awesome as that may sound, you may discover that Roblox is not accessible from your location.

This could mean that Roblox is either restricted by your network administrator or geo-blocking prevents you from accessing it.

It could also mean that you’ve been banned, but that’s pretty much straightforward; you’ll see that your account has been banned or deleted altogether, which you could easily bypass by simply creating another account.

However, for the rest of you who haven’t been banned and still can’t access Roblox, check out our guide on how to unblock it.

How can I unblock Roblox?

1. Use a VPN

A VPN is, without a doubt, the most popular way to unblock Roblox and other geo-restricted content.

It can also help you find the cheapest country for Robux.

Furthermore, it also works great if your ISP or network administrator restricts Roblox on your network.

For instance, if you’re connected to a school or library network, you may not be able to access Roblox without a VPN.

The same applies if you’ve been IP-banned from Roblox and need a clean slate.

Private Internet Access is currently one of the best VPNs on the market that offers a wide range of features.

Aside from circumventing geo-restrictions, PIA can also help you protect your privacy without significant effort.

It features more than 35, 000+ servers worldwide, making it easy to switch servers if something goes amiss.

 Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Enjoy online safety when gaming and unblock Roblox to play at full potential!
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2. Use Smart DNS services

Smart DNS is a technology similar to VPNs, in the sense that it can easily mask your physical location.

The way a Smart DNS proxy works is by replacing your ISP-assigned DNS with a private one, from a location you choose.

It also strips your requests clean of all location-revealing data, so Roblox would have no idea where you’re really at.

However, a Smart DNS provides you with no privacy protection, since it won’t change your IP nor encrypt your traffic.

On the other hand, no encryption means that it won’t take a toll on your connection speed. In fact, as opposed to a VPN, a Smart DNS won’t slow down your connection by one bit.

Therefore, if you want to unblock Roblox and you’re not concerned about your privacy, a Smart DNS may be more suitable for your needs.

3. Use proxy servers

Proxy servers have been known for their ability to hide your online identity, along with other identifying data such as your location.

The way a proxy server works is by routing your traffic through itself, making it seem that the requests originated from it.

Imagine using a remote computer from another location to download files, send emails, and other such operations.

Naturally, the service you’re using on the remote PC will detect the PC as being the originating point of the operations.

However, there are a lot of free proxy servers online, which a lot of free-stuff enthusiasts overcrowd. Windows also has its own built-in proxy feature that can help hide your IP.

Therefore, if you’re trying to unblock Roblox from a free proxy server, you may notice incredibly slow speeds or even disruptions.

In this case, you’d be better off trying a VPN, or at least switching to a paid-for proxy server.

4. Use Tor

Using Tor to unblock Roblox is not exactly effective and should be treated more like a proof-of-concept, just to demonstrate that it works.

The reason why we advise against using Tor to unblock Roblox is the slow connection speed you’ll be facing.

More so, you could be unfortunate enough to land on a malicious Tor exit node, which would translate into your connection being monitored by various malevolent agents.

Therefore, you may use Tor to unblock Roblox just to see that there’s nothing wrong with your connection, but we recommend using a VPN for the long haul.

Why does Roblox say Google Chrome OS can’t open this page?

Google Chrome OS can't open this page

If you attempt to access Roblox and you get an error message that reads Google Chrome OS can’t open this page it may be because it’s blocked by your network, but other things can prompt it too:

➡️ Improper browser settings: restoring your default settings works wonders for most users and will get Roblox online unblocked

➡️ Your browser extensions are interfering: malicious or poorly written extensions are also linked to this error message. The Search Power extension is one of the most common culprits

➡️ Your Roblox version is incompatible: Chrome OS users have to install the app from the Google Play Store, not the official webpage

Taking a look and adjusting any of these known issues should work and enable you to unblock Roblox on your school network for Chromebook.

Why is Roblox blocked at school?

It’s common practice for those who manage school networks to block websites and platforms that are not considered educational.

Not only Roblox but also social media apps and other online games may not be available if you try to access them from your school’s Wi-Fi.

If Roblox is blocked on your school’s network it makes no difference if you try to access it from your personal devices such as your smartphone or from your school’s computer.

Gaming on a crowded network can also affect overall Internet speed, so it’s only natural that your school will block such activities, in order to give everyone a chance to access their educational platforms when on the network.

How to unblock Roblox at school?

To get Roblox unblocked at school, the best way around it is to use a VPN app.

  1. Download a VPN app on your device. We picked Private Internet Access because it’s fast and undetectable.Download PIA for Windows
  2. You will need to get a subscription and create an account. After that, log in with your credentials.pia login
  3. Connect to a VPN server by clicking on the Power button.PIA connect
  4. Open Roblox and start playing.

Using a good VPN like PIA will ensure high-speed rates. Plus, the VPN provides unlimited data and bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry about slowing down your school’s network.

If you’re in school and don’t want to invest in a VPN, you should know that PIA is one of the VPNs with the longest return policy, so you can use it for free for a while and then get your money back.

If you want a completely free alternative, we advise you to try Proton VPN. It’s limited in terms of servers, but it doesn’t keep data logs and has unlimited bandwidth.



To sum it up, if you need to unblock Roblox on your PC for whatever reason, there are many ways you can go about it.

Using a VPN is currently the best way to unblock Roblox, but you can also use a proxy, smart DNS, or Tor.

However, using Tor may prove to be incredibly slow, not to mention unsafe, so you’d be better off sticking with the other three methods.

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