9 VPNs with the Cheapest One-Month Price [2024]

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cheapest one month vpn plans

Are you looking for the cheapest one-month VPN? This article is for you.

In this guide, you’ll discover the best VPN service for a cheap one-month subscription. Our recommendations do not compromise on quality nor cost a fortune even if you want to buy it for only 30 days.

But beware as different VPN tools are working in one country but not in another. In order to choose a VPN that works in a specific country with strong censorship, here is a list of countries with the best VPNs that work in each of them:

With that out of the way, let’s get into it.

Cheapest monthly VPNs with one-month subscriptions

1. Private Internet Access – best server coverage

PIA dashboard

There are multiple reasons why you’d want to use a VPN for a limited time, for instance, if you are traveling abroad and you want to keep up to date with the latest shows or you’re in the market for a long-term VPN but want to try out a few before you commit.

We recommend you always use a VPN when online. It not only makes your browsing anonymous but also blocks ads, malware, and trackers. Additionally, by having a secure VPN tunnel, you can ensure that your data is encrypted and safe.

Private Internet Access is one of the most secure and user-friendly VPN clients you can have. With only a few clicks, you have access to over 35,000 servers in over 80 countries which means that you can stay connected when traveling or enjoy content from anywhere in the world.

Private Internet Access offers 3 different subscription plans. You get the best bang for your buck if you get the three-year subscription:

One-month subscription$11.95/mo
One-year subscription$3.33/mo
Three-year subscription$2.03/mo

Additionally, when you sign up for PIA. you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try PIA and see how well it protects you before committing to a longer subscription.

When you’re traveling, chances are you will be connecting to airport WiFi networks and public access points. These connections are not secure and you risk having your important data intercepted. That’s why you need a VPN.

Take a look at the most important PIA feats:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • User-friendly VPN
  • Protects up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • Cross-platform support for Mac, PC, iOS, Android
  • Blocks ads, trackers, and malware and uses military-grade encryption
  • P2P support
  • Multiple VPN gateways
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Unlimited bandwidth and a no-logs policy
      Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Get access to geo-restricted services and protect your online identity with Private Internet Access.
Check price Visit website

2. NordVPN – best streaming VPN

NordVPN server map

NordVPN has earned a good reputation since its inception in 2012 and it’s been a great VPN for a one-month subscription. The company boasts of having military-grade encryption, a CyberSec feature that acts like Ad-blocker, and Double VPN for extra protection.

NordVPN comes with features like SmartPlay which allows you to access Netflix and Amazon Prime, P2P support for torrent downloading, and multi-platform support. You can use up to 6 devices simultaneously using one account.

What else?

Speed test.

We tested the service using our 100 Mbps Internet connection, and we received the following results for the EU server.

Download Speed – 76 Mbps

Upload – 48 Mbps

Which if not the best, is acceptable for most of us. Also, it is more than the average speed of 70 Mbps which is considered good for VPNs.

This service is a little more expensive than other options but does offer full Tor support which is very limited in other VPNs.

Here’s a quick overview of NordVPN’s subscription plans:

One-month plan$11.99/mo
One-year plan $ 4.99/mo
Two-year plan$ 3.99/mo

It also has a strict no-logging policy, an automatic kill switch that terminates the Internet connection if the VPN connection is interrupted, DNS leak protection, and support for Tor over VPN to access .onion sites or to make your browsing more secure in general.

NordVPN uses 256-AES-CBC encryption that comes with OpenVPN tunneling protocol. It has its HQ in Panama which doesn’t have any data-sharing treaty with any countries.

It is a non-US company as well. So, if any of these points are deal breakers for you, NordVPN is a good choice.

Let’s see NordVPN’s best capabilities:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Netflix unblocking support and Tor support
  • Strong encryption
  • Good speed
  • Double VPN that routes traffic through 2 different servers
  • DNS leak protection
  • 24/7 customer support


Check out NordVPN, an excellent VPN service with an affordable monthly subscription plan.
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3. CyberGhost – best app for PC

Cyberghost interface

CyberGhost is not new to the VPN scene and it’s one of the users’ favorites when it comes to a cheap one-month subscription.

It has been offering VPN services since 2011. The company has grown rapidly in these years with its user base being counted in millions.

The essential features such as IP hiding, Kill Switch, and multi-platform support all come as standard. The company has over 7900 servers in 90+ countries.

It is one of the greatest options if you want to save money, with the lowest per-month rate being $2.29:

One-month plan$12.99/mo
One-year plan$4.29/mo
Three-year plan$2.29/mo

The Ghost Download feature allows you to download torrents using untraceable networks. You can also unblock streaming services like Netflix with ease.

CyberGhost is second to only IPVanish in multiple device support with up to seven simultaneous connections on multiple devices.

When it comes to speed, CyberGhost is not the fastest of the lot. In fact, with a download speed of 55 Mbps and an upload speed of 23 Mbps over a 100 Mbps connection, CyberGhost is underperforming for the price.

CyberGhost is a good VPN and has some exclusive features. The fact that it costs $12.99 per month and also fails to reach at least 70Mbps in speed tests makes it slow in comparison to IPVanish and NordVPN.

Here’s a list of all CyberGhost plans available:

Check out these awesome CyberGhost capabilities:

  • 7900 servers in 90 countries across the globe
  • Protects simultaneous up to 7 devices 
  • It doesn’t log any of your data, a strict zero-logs policy
  • Offers strong encryption protocols
  • It is easy to use
  • 24/7 support


Looking for a VPN with cheap 1-month subscriptions? Check out CyberGhost VPN.
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4. Surfshark – multi-platform support

Surfshark dashboard

Surfshark has done an outstanding job of providing top security and privacy. You can use this VPN for an affordable one-month subscription. Also, keep in mind that AES 256-bit encryption and top protocols are used.

You are able to use your smartphone, laptop, PC, or tablet quite easily with the service as they offer a connection to unlimited devices.

They also go the extra mile when it comes to privacy by ensuring that no logs are kept in providing a kill switch feature.

The user interface is intuitive, which allows for easy navigation. As for speed, Surfshark is fast, which makes it enjoyable to surf the web or watch streaming services.

The VPN service provides you with the ability to connect to 14 Netflix libraries, which is more than other services provide.

Surfshark has pretty low pricing rates when compared to other options on the market. Take a look at the current plans:

One-month plan$12.26/mo
One-year plan$3.78/mo
Two-year plan$2.36/mo

Surfshark is also torrent-friendly. While Surfshark costs $11.99 per month, it does have very fast speeds and the availability of a number of Netflix libraries.

You also have top-notch security with a growing list of servers, which makes this an affordable VPN service, especially if you are a fan of Netflix.

Do not hesitate to check Surfshark’s most important feats:

  • Offers performant encryption
  • It is easy to use and intuitive
  • Secures any platform, such as PCs, tablets, phones, consoles, Wi-Fi routers and so on
  • It is fast


Want to buy a VPN subscription but don’t want to pay a fortune? Check out Surfshark.
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5. IPVanish – simplest VPN app

IPVanish interface

From split-tunneling to Netflix unblocking, IPVanish is an affordable VPN provider if you are planning to buy the service for a short period. It has one of the lowest one-month plans on this list.

IPVanish is a US-based company, but its website screams a strict no-logging policy. This software has its own servers, unlike some VPNs which rent third-party servers for traffic management.

IPVanish has over 1000+ servers in 60 countries. It relies on AES 256-bit encryption protocol and supports OpenVPN, SOCKS5, and other tunneling protocols.

If you are traveling in a group, IPVanish offers up to 10 devices simultaneous connection allowing all of your group members to benefit from one account.

Speaking of accounts, we must mention that IPVanish offers 3 different subscriptions plans, as follows:

One-month plan$10.99/mo
Three-month plan$5.32/mo
One-year plan$3.99/mo

Now the main factor of any VPN, the speed. IPVanish offers an impressive 80 Mbps download and 40 Mbps upload speed over a 100 Mbps connection for the EU server.

The user interface is fairly useful but could have been better. IPVanish does not log any details about the user. You can download torrents and access Netflix to watch international shows.

On the flip side, IPVanish does not support Tor (although you can browse the web over Tor, but can’t download or upload files).

If you are looking for an affordable VPN solution for a month, give IPVanish a try.

Let’s take a look at some of its best attributes:

  • Offers affordable monthly plans
  • It is a multi-platform
  • Gives you up to 10 devices simultaneous connection support
  • Uses IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols
  • Offers torrenting and Netflix unblocking Support


IPVanish can keep your privacy safe, and it doesn’t cost you a fortune, either.
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6. TunnelBear – independently audited VPN

Tunnelbear connection

TunnelBear is a Toronto-based company and in operation since 2011. It has its servers spread across 20 countries across the world.

TunnelBear does offer affordable monthly plans at $9.99 per month. The company has a strict no-logging policy and comes with essential features including IP hiding, DNS leak protection, and strong encryption support.

The USP of TunnelBear is that it is independently audited. Almost all the VPNs audit their software using the internal auditing team whereas TunnelBear allows independent security agencies to audit its security so that you don’t have to take the owner’s word for everything.

Tunnelbear is one of the few VPN services that offer a free option. The trial version does not have an expiration, you can use it forever, but it limits traffic to 500 MB per day. Here are all Tunnelbear plans:

Free (500 MB/day)$0/mo
Unlimited (for unlimited browsing and priority customer service)$3.33/mo
Teams (dedicated account manager and centralized team management)$5.75/mo

TunnelBear is one of the safest VPNs out there. With support for OpenVPN tunneling protocol, it uses AES-256-CBC for encryption, SHA256 for data authentication, and 4096-bit DH group.

The user interface is simple and easy to use. You can share the VPN account with your friends by making use of its five devices’ simultaneous connection.

In the speed test, TunnelBear did score average. On the EU server, it reached the highest downloading speed of 54 Mbps and upload speed of 26 Mbps.

TunnelBear is an excellent VPN package if you are looking for an affordable VPN with support for TOR, and can compromise on Netflix.

These are the most important TunnelBear characteristics:

  • Offers affordable monthly plans
  • TunneBear has a Vigilant Mode aka Kill Switch
  • Zero logs policy
  • Independently Audited for security
  • Up to 5 simultaneous VPN connections
  • Email-based customer support
  • Server locations in 20+ countries


Want a monthly VPN subscription that won’t break the bank? Check out TunnelBear.
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7. Proton VPN – fastest VPN

ProtonVPN interface

Proton VPN offers a very simple application that is easy to use. You connect to the VPN server in just one click.

It has dedicated applications for Windows, Mac, iOs, Android, Linux, and Chromebook. It can also be installed on TVs that run on Android TV.

The app enables automatic connection, but you can also browse around and pick your favorite location.

The paid plans of Proton VPN include additional features like streaming support, an integrated ad blocker, and support for torrenting and P2P.

Speaking of the plans, Proton VPN offers the following options:

Free (one connection, medium speed)$0/mo
Basic (high speed)$4/mo
Plus (additional features, highest speed)$8/mo
Visionary- all Plus features+ ProtonMail Visionary account$24/mo

The server base of Proton VPN is filled with high-speed servers. They offer rates of 10 Gbps and also have their own VPN accelerator feature.

This feature uses advanced performance-oriented algorithms to speed up the connection. It has been proven to be able to improve speeds by 400%.

Proton VPN has a smaller number of servers, but it makes up in Gbps capacity. The VPN app has over 1, 700 servers in 63 countries across the globe.

Other key features of ProtonVPN include:

  • Protects up to 10 devices
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Strong protocols
  • Open Source
  • Independently audited
  • DNS leak prevention
  • Zero logs policy
 Proton VPN

Proton VPN

Enjoy top performance with unique speed-boosting features!
Free trial Visit website

8. Bitdefender VPN – most secure servers

vpn cheap one month price

Created by a cybersecurity giant, Bitdefender VPN is a very reliable VPN service with an impressive server catalog.

It is very simple to use. You can access it directly from the system tray. Enable and disable VPN connection in just a few clicks.

If you have another Bitdefender application, such as antivirus, you can also set it up from there. It automatically integrates into the interface, offering simple setup options.

You can also get the VPN app on its own, it is not necessary to use a Bitdefender antivirus software. The Bitdefender VPN individual software is available under 2 subscription plans:

One-month plan$6.99/mo
One-year plan$2.49/mo

The VPN application gives you an informative report on VPN usage. You get information on connection time, traffic used, and the servers you connect most often to.

Bitdefender VPN is great to secure public Wi-Fi networks. It hides your IP and encrypts data with military-grade encryption.

This stops phishing attempts because the attacker will not be able to decrypt your data.

Other key features of Bitdefender VPN include:

  • Secure killswitch in case the VPN connection stops
  • Unlimited bandwidth for up to 10 devices
  • Zero traffic logs
  • Over 4000 servers in 49 countries
  • Multi-platform support for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS
 Bitdefender VPN

Bitdefender VPN

Secure up to 10 devices with this advanced cross-platform VPN.
Check price Visit website

9. Private VPN – extensive protocol support

PrivateVPN - cheap one month VPN interface

PrivateVPN has a smaller server base, but it has good regional coverage. It is rapidly developing, with more servers and server locations to come.

It covers all continents, offering access to geo-restricted content across the whole globe, including China.
This VPN offers unlimited bandwidth so you can enjoy high-speed Internet all month round.

It hides your IP so bandwidth limitations imposed by your ISP won’t take place.

It is easy to use and install, with modern and intuitive UIs. It has native applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

The PrivateVPN services can be accessed via 3 different subscription plans:

One-month plan$9.6/mo
Three-month plan$5.72/mo
Three-year plan$1,9.mo

PrivateVPN uses several secure protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, L2TP, PPTP, and IKEv2.

The tool has no logs policy and several shields that protect your traffic data. 

You can automatically connect to a VPN server, or manually pick a location. With this app, you can switch servers as many times as you want, with no limitations.

It is a good choice for P2P and torrenting and supports high-speed rates. 

If you are interested in this VPN service, check out its subscription options:

Other key features of Private VPN include:

  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • Referral program
  • Remote setup support
  • Port forwarding
  • Unlimited speed
  • Military-grade encryption


Connect up to 10 devices and benefit from unlimited speed and military-grade encryption.
Check price Visit website

Can I get a VPN without a contract?

While there are free VPN services on the market, the majority come with limitations as to the amount of bandwidth and number of server locations available.

Also, they usually lack certain important extra security and privacy features that are only found with premium plans.

Moreover, top VPN providers generally don’t offer their services for free, as they need money to offset operational costs and maintain their services at a high level.

All in all, you should rest assured that you need a premium VPN for one month only and don’t want to risk your money for fear of not being satisfied with the service.

This is because many top-notch VPN providers like the ones recommended below also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with what they offer, you can cancel the subscription whenever you want during the first month, and you’ll also get a full refund.

Is there a VPN I can pay for monthly?

Most VPN service providers offer several types of subscription plans for their services. All the options we selected offer one-month options, with the possibility to renew your subscription.

In most cases, you get the best deal when you get a longer subscription. A two-year plan comes with great per/month discounts.

We must however mention that not all VPN providers change monthly. Some follow a quarterly plan, or even yearly. This means that even if the per-month rate is low, you will have to pay the whole amount at once. 

Can I get a VPN for one month only?

Many VPN clients offer low-cost VPN access but only when you buy it for a more extended period. If you want to purchase for just one month, the cost is usually high.

There are also some VPNs that provide a free trial, either full-featured or limited-feature, in order to allow you to test the product and decide whether it’s a good choice for you or not.

These free trials can last anywhere from one day to an entire month, depending on the provider or other special occasions and promotions that you can enjoy during the year.

Nonetheless, whether you’re traveling or simply want to use a VPN for 1 month or even a shorter period of time, a free service or trial won’t guarantee you full anti-geoblocking or anti-censorship capabilities at all times.

There are however services that offer 1-month plans for a pretty good deal.

How much is a VPN for one month?

If you are looking for $1 VPNs, we will disappoint you – no VPN service which will fully satisfy your privacy needs has a plan where the cost per month is $1.

You will only find prices closer to that figure but you have to keep an eye on every provider for seasonal discounts and special deals. For your convenience, we create a VPN price comparison table to help you make an informed decision.

The cheapest option on this list is $3.3 and the prices vary between this rate and $12.99.

VPNs with the lowest monthly price

If we are talking about low-priced VPNs, we can assure you that the cheapest ones are also the most used and present on the market as they have optimized their costs a lot.

Thus, you can benefit from an extended subscription at very affordable scores. If you are interested in a bargain, here are the best prices for the cheapest VPN 1 month ratio:

  • PIA – around 80% off for a 2-year plan (between $2.03 and $2.30) which makes it one of the most affordable VPNs out there.
  • Cyberghost – from 72% to 83% all-year discounts ($2.15-$2.49) for 3-year plan
  • Surfshark – between 75% and 82% off depending on the season ($2.30-$2.55). You get 2 months free for a 2-years plan
  • Private VPN – Discounts starting with 85% $1.9 for the 3-year plan

Alternatively, if you do not want to get such a long-term subscription plan, you can also look into the VPNs with the cheapest one-month subscription plans.

The rates are a little bit higher, but there are some surprisingly good deals. These plans only renew at your approval and you can cancel them anytime. Here’s an overview of the cheapest monthly VPN plans:

VPN SERVICEOne-month plan price
Private Internet Access$11.95
CyberGhost VPN$12.99
IP Vanish$10.99
Tunnelbear$3.33 (+ free, limited version)
Proton VPN$ 4 (+ free, limited version)
Bitdefender VPN$6.99
Private VPN$9.6

Those are the cheapest VPN services that you can find on the market and use for a longer period. That does not mean necessarily they are the most full-packed with all the possible features.

However, once you tried it for one month, and it works well, it may be good to continue using it for the same purpose, especially if you wait for a big discount.

Many VPNs also offer a free trial period, which is a wonderful opportunity to test the waters and find the one that best suits your needs.

Is it worth paying for a VPN?

Yes. Premium VPNs offer the best-in-class privacy features and offer unlimited traffic and data, as opposed to free VPNs.

Whether you are traveling for business, or pleasure, or as a student studying abroad, having a strong VPN provider means your Internet sessions remain private and in control always.

➡️ Do free VPNs hide your IP?

Yes. Most free VPNs do a decent job at hiding your IP, but your data is a lot more vulnerable. Many of these services keep data logs and have usage limits.

They disconnect after you used up your VPN data which can lead to your IP being exposed.

➡️ Do free VPNs actually work?

There is a handful of good free VPNs that do encrypt data, but they all have their limitations.

If you don’t want to invest in a VPN, we recommend you rather use a trial version of a premium one instead of a completely free client.

All the VPN service providers claim big. But, to find the best VPN for one month, we put them to the test and listed them accordingly in this article.

The most reliable VPNs don’t affect your Internet connection. However, if they do, we recommend checking how to test VPN connection stability.

Do let us know your favorite VPN provider in the comments below.

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