Watch BBC iPlayer in Italy Using This Trick! [Tested]

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watch bbc iplayer in italy

To watch BBC iPlayer in Italy you need to get past some errors. Due to licensing restrictions, the streaming platform doesn’t directly work outside the UK.

But what if I told you that there’s a way around that? All you have to do is make it look like you’re browsing the web from the UK.

The best way to do that? Grab a VPN and connect to a UK server.

I’ll explain all about the process, but first, let’s clear something out:

Why do I need a VPN to watch BBC iPlayer in Italy?

bbc iplayer this content is not available in your location

To watch BBC iPlayer in Italy, you need a VPN because the service is geo-restricted to the UK. A VPN masks your IP address, making it appear as if you’re accessing the platform from within the UK.

When you try to access BBC iPlayer from Italy without a VPN, you’ll encounter errors like: Sorry, it’s not possible to watch from outside the UK or This content is not available in your location.

Now, here’s how to bypass them.

How to watch BBC iPlayer in Italy

It’s essential to choose a VPN that consistently unblocks BBC iPlayer and offers fast streaming speeds.

I’ve tested multiple VPNs based on their ability to bypass geo-restrictions, connection stability, and overall performance.

Based on that, I suggest that you:

Use CyberGhost

CyberGhost is one of the VPNs that consistently ranked high during my tests. On top of that, it has a dedicated streaming-optimized server for BBC iPlayer.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Sign up for CyberGhost VPN.
  2. Download and install the CyberGhost VPN app on your device.
installing cyberghost
  1. Launch the app and click on the left-pointing arrow to open the server list.
cyberghost left arrow
  1. In the For Streaming section, scroll down and pick United Kingdom Optimized for BBC iPlayer. Click the power button to connect.
cyberghost bbc iplayer optimized server
  1. Once connected, open BBC iPlayer and sign in or register. You’ll notice that you’ll be able to watch any show you want.
watching bbc iplayer in ireland with cyberghost

BBC iPlayer may prompt you to confirm whether you have a TV license or not before watching certain content. Select yes to keep watching.

? Pro tip: If CyberGhost doesn’t work the first time you use it with BBC iPlayer, try switching to another server or clearing out cookies to stop your browser from revealing your true location.

Now, let’s discuss why CyberGhost is a top choice.

One of its standout features is its high-speed UK servers. These servers are optimized for streaming, which means minimal buffering and high-definition video quality.

Furthermore, the robust 256-bit AES encryption that CyberGhost employs guarantees that even if someone were to check your traffic data, they wouldn’t be able to understand it.

This would help stop activity-based ISP throttling.

Lastly, the user-friendly interface of CyberGhost makes it a breeze even for VPN novices.



Don’t let geo-errors get in your way! Use CyberGhost to easily access BBC iPlayer from Italy!
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What can I watch on BBC iPlayer in Italy?

BBC iPlayer provides a huge amount of content, from live TV to on-demand shows. Both new and the classics.

Some of the most popular exclusive content you can watch right now include:

  • The Woman in the Wall (2023): A gripping drama that delves into the world of crime and detective work. The story revolves around mysterious events surrounding a woman who is seemingly trapped within the walls of an old building.
  • Wolf (2023): A crime drama that follows the life of a detective who is on the hunt for a notorious criminal known as Wolf. As the investigation unfolds, secrets are revealed, and the line between right and wrong becomes blurred.
  • The Gold (2023): Set against the backdrop of a bustling city, this drama explores the lives of individuals who are in pursuit of wealth, power, and prestige. But at what cost does one achieve The Gold?
  • The Sixth Commandment (2023): A thought-provoking drama that delves into the complexities of morality, ethics, and the age-old question of what it means to truly uphold the commandments.
  • Best Interests (2023): A heart-wrenching drama that follows the life of a family faced with a moral dilemma. When personal desires clash with what’s in the best interests of a loved one, difficult decisions must be made.
  • The Gallows Pole (2023): Set in a historical time, this drama tells the tale of a group of rebels who challenge the establishment. With themes of power, resistance, and loyalty, The Gallows Pole promises to be a captivating watch.


You can easily watch BBC iPlayer in Italy with the right tools. By using a reliable VPN you can bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy a world of content at your fingertips. With a VPN you can also watch other UK TV channels in Italy.

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