15+ Best Streaming Websites for Boxing [Free and Paid]

The ultimate streaming guide for boxing fans

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Best Streaming Websites for Boxing

Looking for the best streaming websites for boxing? We’ve got you covered!

With the introduction of boxing streaming services, fans can now conveniently watch live matches and related content online. However, choosing a decent service can be tricky, considering geo-restrictions and limited access to high-profile matches.

Below, we’ll cover the best boxing streaming sites (free and official) and explain how to watch anywhere. Let’s get started!

Best streaming websites for boxing

Before we delve into the details of each platform, here’s a glance at the overall best streaming options:

  • Buffstreams — a popular unofficial sports streaming site known for its high-quality videos and user-friendly interface.
  • Stream2Watch  offers a wide variety of sports streams, making it a great option for European boxing fans.
  • Watch Wrestling — a dedicated website for streaming combat sports, particularly boxing, and provides access to past and PPV events.
  • VIPRow Sports  a versatile platform that features virtually every sport, including excellent boxing streams.
  • StreamEast — boasts a sleek design and comprehensive boxing coverage.
  • CrackStreams — known for its extensive coverage of various sports and its dedicated community of sports enthusiasts.
  • SportSurge  has an excellent track record of reliability and offers smooth streaming with high-definition quality for boxing matches.
  • LiveSport24 — provides a user-friendly interface and multiple server options for streaming.
  • DaddyLiveHD  stands out for its access to premium TV channels, making it an excellent choice for boxing enthusiasts in the US.
  • MamaHD — provides free live sports streaming with diverse channels, a user-friendly interface, and global accessibility.

The best free streaming sites for boxing in detail

1. Buffstreams 

Buffstreams homepage
Dedicated streaming site for sportsUnofficial streaming site
Beginner-friendly interfaceMultiple pop-ups sometimes 
Calendar for upcoming eventsLimited advanced features
High-quality streamingOccasional buffering
Multiple mirrors for streamsLimited server availability

Buffstreams is a free boxing streaming website that also caters to sports enthusiasts of all types. Despite being an unofficial site, it has garnered popularity due to its user-friendly interface and wide range of content. 

It excels in providing high-quality streams. The platform also offers a straightforward layout that makes navigation a breeze.

In addition, you can count on the calendar for upcoming events to plan and catch the most anticipated matches. 

The website also hosts multiple mirrors for each boxing event.

However, Buffstreams has its drawbacks. It’s known for intrusive ads and pop-ups. Still, this platform can provide an enjoyable streaming experience if you overlook the occasional pop-ups.

2. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch homepage
A large variety of sports and streamsUnofficial streaming site
Great for European fans of boxingOutdated and confusing interface
Abundance of streaming linksRegional restrictions on certain events
Diverse sports coveragePop-up advertisements and potential malware risks
Wide selection of matchesFocus on European sports
Convenient and straightforwardLimited advanced features

Stream2Watch is a popular streaming website known for its extensive sports coverage, including boxing.

While it’s not an official streaming site, users can access various channels to watch their favorite boxing fights.

Moreover, one of the biggest strengths of Stream2Watch is its focus on sports content. It covers US football, soccer, basketball, baseball, rugby, tennis, hockey, and golf. 

The site also offers multiple streaming links for each boxing event.

Additionally, Stream2Watch is an excellent choice for European fans. It includes channels like Eurosport, BBC, and Sky Sports. 

However, certain boxing events may be subject to regional restrictions and unavailable to users in certain locations.

What’s more, Stream2Watch may be more complex to navigate than other similar sites.

3. Watch Wrestling

Watch Wrestling
Covers all live boxing matchesHeavy advertisements
Stream past and PPV eventsMay be blocked in some regions
Fight calendar
HD streams

Watch Wrestling is a dedicated website for streaming combat sports. The platform provides both live streams and past events, including Pay-Per-View matches.

Additionally, you can stay updated on upcoming games with the Fight Calendar.

In terms of video quality, Watch Wrestling offers streams in 720p resolution.

However, one significant drawback of the website is the aggressive advertisements during live streams. They can be intrusive and potentially disrupt the viewing experience for some users.

Furthermore, there might be regions where the website is blocked.

4. VIPRow Sports

VIPRow Sports
Features virtually every sportUnofficial streaming site
Excellent selection of boxing streamsInvasive pop-up ads
Special live streams
Extensive online on-demand sports content

VIPRow Sports is a versatile platform offering live streams of numerous events. It covers various sports, including boxing, wrestling, football, basketball, racing, golf, tennis, and rugby

Moreover, it provides special live streams for prominent services like Showtime and ESPN. 

Additionally, the website offers links to upcoming matches, even those that aren’t high-profile.

However, like many unofficial streaming sites, VIPRow has some downsides. The website displays pop-up ads.

Furthermore, the site’s design needs to be updated, and loading times can be slow.

Despite these drawbacks, VIPRow Sports remains one of the best free streaming websites for boxing.

5. StreamEast

Sleek design and user experienceSome matches may require a subscription
Complete boxing coverageStreams are not always reliable
Wide variety of other sportsUnofficial site
Smooth streaming experienceLimited replay and highlights

StreamEast is known for its sleek design and user-friendly interface, making it an attractive choice for viewers.

The website offers access to major fights televised on standard broadcasting and Pay-Per-View events.

It also extends its streaming services to various other sports leagues, including MLB, NHL, NFL, Formula 1, and UFC.

Furthermore, one of its notable advantages is minimal ad intrusion.

Additionally, the platform generally provides reliable and steady high-quality streams.

However, being an unofficial streaming site, StreamEast hosts outside streams and links, raising concerns about its legitimacy and security.

Another drawback is that some matches on StreamEast may also require a subscription.

Additionally, while the website offers some replay and highlight options, it’s not as extensive as other platforms.

6. CrackStreams

Extensive coverage of various sportsNot as user-friendly as some other platforms
Live chat support during boxing matchesRequires registration for certain content
Free access to all available contentPotential legal issues regarding copyright content
High-quality streaming for live eventsOlder streams may not be readily available
Regularly updated with current matchesIntrusive ads
Dedicated community of sports enthusiastsLimited replay and on-demand options

CrackStreams has gained popularity among sports fans seeking a wide range of athletic content. It covers boxing, MMA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAAF, and soccer.

Moreover, it supports live chat during boxing matches. This adds to the overall viewing experience, allowing fans to share their excitement and opinions during live events.

However, users must be aware of the potential legal issues associated with streaming copyrighted content.

Additionally, there might be occasional domain changes due to copyright concerns.

CrackStreams also requires registration for specific content, particularly older streams from its archive. Still, it remains a reliable site for accessing live events in various sports.

7. SportSurge

Great track recordNot up to date
Coverage of numerous sportsUnofficial streaming site
Smooth and reliable streamingLimited boxing-specific content
User-friendly interfaceFrequent advertisements
Multiple streaming linksMay be blocked in some regions

SportSurge is a popular indexing website that offers vetted streams of free live sporting broadcasts. Its clean and intuitive layout makes navigation easy.

In addition, SportSurge provides access to live boxing events via active links available 20-30 minutes before the match. 

The platform also lets you stream in HD or lower quality based on your internet speed.

Still, it’s an unofficial streaming site, which may raise concerns for some users. Additionally, you may encounter frequent advertisements while using the platform.

Despite the occasional downtimes, SportSurge has earned praise for providing high-definition streaming quality, particularly for boxing matches. 

8. LiveSport24 

Extensive sports coverageFrequent ad interruptions
Popular and high trafficAd-driven revenue model
User-friendly interfaceLimited viewer control
Quick access linksPotential legal concerns
Multiple server optionsStreaming quality varies

LiveSport24 is a prominent free sports streaming platform that caters to the diverse interests of sports enthusiasts. It covers boxing, football, tennis, and more.

Furthermore, the platform’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to find your desired live streams.

While LiveSport24 offers a seamless streaming experience, it also relies on advertisements for revenue generation. That results in frequent interruptions during videos.

Users should also be mindful of potential legal concerns related to copyright and content ownership.

Additionally, some may find the limited control options and quality variation not suitable.

9. DaddyLiveHD

Most live TV channels are up and runningUnofficial streaming site
Detailed schedule for upcoming sports eventsInvasive pop-up ads
Great collection of EU, US, and Latin American channelsStreams may buffer at times

DaddyLiveHD emerged as a popular browser-based solution after USTVGO’s shutdown in early 2023. 

It gained attention due to its extensive collection of over 310 live TV channels from the EU, US, and Latin America. It also provides a detailed schedule of upcoming events, including boxing matches.

On top of that, it offers access to major channels like ESPN and Fox Sports.

Moreover, the service even advertises pay-per-view (PPV) main events.

However, it’s essential to note that DaddyLiveHD is an unofficial streaming site. So, users often report invasive pop-up ads disrupting their viewing experience. 

Additionally, there’s also occasional stream buffering.

10. MamaHD

Free live sports streamingUnofficial website
Wide selection of sports channelsAdvertisements and pop-ups
High-definition streaming qualityLimited customer support
User-friendly interface
Chat feature for fan interaction

MamaHD is a renowned platform that offers free live sports streaming to a global audience. It covers everything from football and cricket to basketball, tennis, and boxing

It also supports high-definition streaming without disruptions. That includes live events such as the English Premier League, and the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Furthermore, the added chat feature permits real-time interaction among fans during live matches.

Additionally, the platform functions seamlessly on various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

However, like with most free fight streaming websites, you will encounter frequent ads.

Best official sites to watch boxing

You can also watch boxing matches on officially authorized platforms.

This will likely simplify your search for the desired stream and spare you from dealing with pop-ups. Naturally, these legitimate platforms require payment to access their services

Below are some of the best streaming websites for boxing:


Comprehensive coverage of boxing events Some boxing matches require additional payment (pay-per-view)
Partnership with Top Rank, airing 50 boxing fights annuallyNo free trial
Trusted and recognized serviceRequires a subscription or a US cable subscription
Available on multiple platforms

ESPN is a widely recognized and trusted platform that offers comprehensive coverage of boxing events. 

It caters to fans with live broadcastsmatch analyses, and highlights. While some content may require additional payment, there are also free offerings like lower-rung fights and match analysis.

Additionally, the platform is accessible on various devices for a seamless streaming experience.

Still, you’ll need a US cable subscription to watch ESPN. But if you are outside the US, you can subscribe to ESPN+ for $6.99 with a VPN.

2. Fite.tv

Offers a mix of free and paid boxing events Some features require a subscription (FITE+)
Extensive collection of live boxing eventsFull access to all content comes with a cost
Additional features like live chat, experts, and commentary
Streams MMA, wrestling, and professional jousting
Pricing options vary, ranging from $2.99 to $29.99 per month

Fite.tv stands out as a premier boxing streaming site with an extensive collection of live boxing events. It covers major and international bouts.

The platform also offers a mix of free and paid content.

Beyond boxing, Fite.tv streams other sports like MMA, wrestling, and professional jousting. Additionally, live chat and expert commentary enhance the viewing experience. 

Fite.tv is globally available and offers pricing options ranging from $2.99 to $29.99 monthly.

3. Showtime

On-demand access to boxing contentLimited availability, accessible in the United States
Includes highlights, interviews, and analysisSome boxing matches are offered as pay-per-view, incurring extra costs
It hosts both PPV fights and subscription-based matches$10.99/month subscription cost
30-day free trialIt requires a VPN for access outside the US

Showtime stands out as one of the best streaming websites for boxing.

It provides live streaming of high-profile championship fights and undercard bouts. Additionally, Showtime grants on-demand access to exclusive boxing content, including highlights, interviews, and analysis

The platform also hosts both PPV fights and subscription-based matches.

While Showtime’s subscription costs $10.99 monthly, it offers a 30-day free trial

However, a VPN is required to access Showtime from outside the US.

4. Sky Sports

Sky Sports
Extensive coverage of high-profile championship bouts and rising boxing starsNo free trial is available
It provides expert analysis and in-depth commentaryVPN is required for access outside the UK
Trusted source for exclusive insightsCosts £34.00 per month
Available through cable and satellite TV subscriptions

Sky Sports stands as a leading broadcasting network for sports and boxing enthusiasts. 

It offers comprehensive coverage of high-profile championship bouts and up-and-coming boxing stars. You can also count on expert analysis and in-depth commentary.

Although there’s no free trial, the service is a trusted source for exclusive insights.

To access Sky Sports, viewers in the UK can subscribe through cable or satellite TV for a monthly cost of £34.00.

5. BT Sport

BT Sport
Extensive coverage of domestic and international boxing eventsThe service is only accessible within the UK unless using a UK VPN
High-definition broadcasts and expert analysis No free trial is available
Exclusive interviews with renowned fighters$25/month

BT Sport is a leading broadcasting network for boxing enthusiasts, covering both domestic and international events. 

The platform provides an immersive viewing experience with high-definition broadcasts and expert analysis. BT Sport also offers exclusive interviews with renowned fighters.

While no free trial is available, BT Sport is a good option for British users. It’s accessible through cable and satellite TV subscriptions for £35/month within the UK. 

6. Fox Sports

Fox Sports
Access to live boxing matches and promotionsLimited availability in certain regions
Convenient and on-demand access to replays and highlightsStream quality varies depending on your internet connection
Ability to personalize the app for your favorite teams and sports
Available on multiple devices

Fox Sports is a reliable platform for streaming boxing and various sports events. 

Users can enjoy live matches, replays, and highlights with access to FS1, FS2, Deportes, and BTN. The app also allows personalization, delivering updates on your favorite teams and sports. 

Moreover, Fox Sports Go covers regional sports content, including MLB, NHL, basketball, college football, and soccer. You can even watch pre-game coveragepost-game analysis, and documentaries.

Although the app is free to download, it does require a subscription with Hulu, Vidgo, Dish, Fubo, Sling, or DirectTV. It costs 40-70$/month.

Furthermore, it’s only available in the US. So, you’ll need to spoof your Fox Sports Go location if you want to watch it in Europe or anywhere else.

Since Fox Sports uses VPN detector technology, you may find that your VPN isn’t working with the service. That’s why you need to use reliable VPNs.

Why are boxing fights blacked out?

Boxing fights are sometimes blacked out due to territorial and licensing issues. This means that live streaming isn’t supported in specific regions or countries. 

The reasons for blackouts can vary, but it often occurs due to exclusive broadcasting rights for specific platforms.

Additionally, some countries may ban boxing entirely, leading to restrictions.

However, you can bypass these limitations with a VPN and still catch the action. But make sure to check the legality of watching boxing matches online in your country beforehand.

How to watch boxing online from anywhere?

To watch boxing online from anywhere, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

That way, you can connect to a server in the country where the desired streaming service is available. The platform won’t be able to detect your actual IP address.

Therefore, you can easily overcome all geo-restrictions.

Follow this step-by-step guide using CyberGhost. We recommend it for its exceptional speeds, robust security features, and extensive network.

  1. Visit the CyberGhost website and subscribe to one of the plans.
cyberghost subscription plans
  1. Download the VPN app to your device.
cyberghost download
  1. Install and launch the app.
cyberghost installation screen
  1. Connect to a server in the desired country.
cyberghost server selection
  1. Visit your favorite website and enjoy live-streaming boxing matches worldwide.
CyberGhost on showtime

Do you need a VPN to watch boxing online?

You will need a VPN to watch boxing online on geo-restricted sites. Still, we generally recommend it especially if you want to access free fight streaming sites.

Some of those websites carry risks such as malware and data collection.

So, a VPN provides an additional layer of protection, encrypting your data and mitigating potential threats.

The best VPN for boxing streaming sites

CyberGhost VPN stands out as the ideal choice for unblocking boxing streaming sites.

It has specialized servers for streaming, gaming, torrenting, and more. You can count on smooth HD streaming without any lag or buffering issues.

Furthermore, its vast network includes 9,480 servers across 91 countries. That way, you can easily access the best free streaming websites for boxing from anywhere.

CyberGhost also employs military-grade 256-bit AES encryption.

Moreover, it offers three security protocols — OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard. While IKEv2 offers the fastest speeds, WireGuard balances security and speed. 

Additionally, CyberGhost’s strict no-log policy guarantees nobody can track your online actions.

It also features built-in leak protection, shielding your actual IP address from exposure. You can count on an automatic kill switch, as well. It will block internet traffic if the VPN connection becomes unsteady. 

Moreover, CyberGhost has a built-in ad blocker that eliminates annoying pop-ups.

So, whether it’s official boxing websites or free fight streaming sites, CyberGhost is a must-have.

Best streaming websites for boxing – Summary

In short:

Official boxing streaming services like ESPN, Fite.tv, and Sky Sports often provide more comprehensive coverage. Still, they usually come with geo-restrictions and subscription fees.

On the other hand, unofficial services offer free access but have intrusive ads and questionable legality.

Either way, using a VPN is the right call.

It encrypts your data, protects you from security threats, and allows you to bypass geo-restrictions. CyberGhost stands out as an excellent choice for accessing the best streaming websites for boxing.


Where can I watch live boxing matches for free?

You can watch live boxing matches for free on unofficial websites like:

  • Buffstreams
  • Stream2Watch
  • Watch Wrestling
  • VIPRow Sports
  • StreamEast
  • CrackStreams
  • SportSurge
  • LiveSport24DaddyLiveHD
  • MamaHD.

What is the best website to watch PPV fights?

The best website to watch PPV fights is Fite.tv. It offers a mix of free and paid boxing events, with an extensive collection of live matches.

Where can I watch boxing fights?

You can watch boxing fights by subscribing to official online streaming services like ESPN, Fox Sport, and Fite.tv or using the best free streaming websites for boxing with a reliable VPN.

How can I watch past boxing fights?

You can watch past boxing fights on Watch Wrestling, a dedicated website for streaming combat sports. 

The platform offers a Fight Calendar to stay updated, making it one of the best streaming websites for boxing.

Watching on unofficial streaming sites for boxing is legal if the service has the necessary rights and licenses to broadcast.

While some platforms may offer legitimate streams, others may access content illegally.

If you want to ensure legality and support the sport, you should consider using official streaming platforms.

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