Can I Use VPN in UAE for Calling? [All You Need to Know]

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can i use vpn in uae for calling

UAE residents don’t have access to unrestricted Internet. One category of restricted services is VoIP, which includes apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and other similar ones.

The government aims to stop its citizens from spreading illegal content, which is one of the main reasons for this restriction.

However, you can utilize several alternative approaches to use WhatsApp calls without having to opt for a VPN service.

Read the following paragraphs to learn more about UAE content restrictions and how to bypass them without breaking the law.

Can I use VPN in UAE for calling?

Yes, you can technically use a reputable VPN provider in the UAE to access VoIP services and call family and friends.

Accordingly, VPNs supply bank-grade network security features and can bypass similar geo-restrictions implemented by the ISPs.

But be careful; the UAE government blocks VoIP services in order to prevent users from spreading improper online behavior.

And although they don’t generally stand against using a VPN, they forbid utilizing one to access restricted web content and services.

Keep reading to learn more about rules and regulations revolving around VPN usage in the UAE.

Is VPN illegal in UAE for WhatsApp?

Yes, it is against the law to use a VPN service and work around restrictions implemented by the UAE government.

However, it is worth noting that WhatsApp isn’t banned in UAE for sending and receiving messages, but only the WhatsApp audio and video calls.

Accordingly, the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) declares VPNs are legal for business/security purposes only.

So, VPNs are only legal as long as it is used to supply protection and establish a secure network connection and nothing more.

In other words, using a VPN is allowed unless you intend to commit a crime, bypass a rule, prevent the discovery of one, or spread harmful online behavior; you’re good to go.

Otherwise, you might face legal punishment such as imprisonment or a fine between 500,000-2,000,000 AED.

How to use WhatsApp call in UAE without VPN

Knowing how illegal VPNs are in the UAE makes you wonder whether there are alternative ways to access VoIP services.

Using proxy servers is the only way to make WhatsApp calls in the UAE without a VPN.

Proxy servers

In simple terms, a proxy server behaves as a gateway between you and the internet, providing several advantages.

They act as an additional security layer and facilitate anonymous web browsing, and can bypass geo-restricted content.

So, in a nutshell, proxy servers can let you use WhatsApp calls and not worry about censorship in the UAE.

Here’s how to use a proxy server to access WhatsApp without a VPN:

  1. Go to Bright Data (or similar websites) and purchase a high-quality proxy server.

    Purchasing a Proxy

  2. Find and open the WhatsApp app on your device.

    Opening WhatsApp

  3. Navigate to the Settings tab and tap Storage and Data.

    Entering Data Settings on WhatsApp

  4. Select Proxy from the following page.

    Accessing Proxy Configurations

  5. Turn on the toggle next to Use Proxy, enter the purchased Proxy Address, and hit Save.

    Setting Up a Proxy Server on WhatsApp

Proxies, just like VPNs, let you get around regional restrictions.

However, you should note that, whether or not you use a VPN to access restricted content or service, you could receive punishment if you are found breaking the law.

Wrap Up

The UAE government prohibits access to VoIP services to discourage improper or “haram” online behavior.

Accordingly, UAE users think of VPNs to bypass geo-blocks and access the free internet, raising the question, “Can I use VPN in UAE for calling?”

Well, yes and no! While the UAE is generally okay with VPN services, they don’t allow using one to unblock restricted web content and services like WhatsApp.

So, it makes sense to go for an alternative approach like proxies.

But you should keep in mind that you’re still acting against the rules. So, you can still get punished for using a banned service.

Finally, learn more about UAE restrictions regarding VoIP services and avoid further risks.

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