Cheapest Country for Google One [And How to Buy It]

Step-by-step guide to get the best Google One deal

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cheapest country for Google One

Let’s find the cheapest country for a Google One subscription, shall we?

The fact that Google One pricing varies depending on location means that finding the cheapest country can save you some money.

So, I did the research and found which country is the cheapest and I’ve also prepared a guide to help you get the best deal on your cloud storage.

Let’s get into it!

Why does Google One pricing vary by country?

Factors like local market conditions, currency exchange rates, and regional economic policies play a significant role in the pricing of Google One subscription plans.

Understanding these variations can give you substantial savings, especially if you need extensive storage space.

To help you save money when using Google One, I set out to pinpoint the country with the lowest plan prices. Here’s what I found:

What is the cheapest country for Google One?

Through my research, I found that Turkey has the cheapest Google One plans. I concluded this after using a VPN to spoof my location and test various countries. 

I started by checking out the prices for the US and UK:

UK and US Google one plan prices

Next, I looked at the prices for India and Turkey, two countries that often have much lower prices.

Turkish and Indian Google one plan prices

As expected, both countries had significant price drops. However, Turkey surpassed India with the 100GB plan costing just ₺2.99 ($0.10).

I tried out a few other countries, but none had plan prices as low as Turkey’s.

To get these cheap Google One prices, all you need is a VPN:

How to Use a VPN to Save Money With Google One 

Since VPNs mask your IP address, you can trick Google One into thinking you’re purchasing its subscription plans from another country.

In this case, we want to spoof our location to Turkey

However, not just any VPN will do. So, I suggest using CyberGhost due to its large server network and advanced privacy and security features to help keep your location and identity hidden.

You can use it to access Google One plans with a Turkish IP address in just a few simple steps: 

  1. Subscribe – Head to the CyberGhost website and pick a subscription.
  2. Install – Download and install the app on your device. 
  3. Connect to a Turkish server – Open up the app to see a list of available servers. Choose one that’s based in Turkey. This will temporarily replace your IP address with a Turkish one. 
Cyberghost turkey server
  1. Head to Google One – Go to the Google One site to select your preferred plan. You should see prices listed in Turkish lira.
Google One plans with VPN
  1. Buy plan – Since prices are much cheaper than they normally would be, you can now make your purchase. 

Turkey is well-known for its low regional pricing. Other services you can get cheaper by connecting to a Turkish VPN server include Udemy, YouTube Premium, and PlayStation Plus.


Spoof your location and get the cheapest Google One prices with this reliable VPN.

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How to Pay For Google One in Turkey

To purchase your Google One subscription plan, you’ll need either a gift card or a Turkish debit/credit card.

If you don’t have access to a Turkish card, you can set up a prepaid one through an app such as FUPS. Otherwise, you can get a Google gift card at a site like G2A. After setting up one of these payment methods, follow this quick guide: 

  1. Connect to Turkish server – Open up your VPN and connect to a Turkish server. 
  2. Choose a subscription plan – Head to the Google One site and select a plan. Then, click Get offer.
Google one subscription plan options
  1. Select payment method – You can proceed with either the gift card or debit/credit card payment option. Choose your preferred method and input the required details. For the gift card, you’ll just need to provide the code.  
Google one payment options
  1. Make the purchase – Finally, you can submit the details to finalize your Google One subscription plan purchase. 
Google one payment options

Wrapping up

Using a VPN, I was able to determine the cheapest country for Google One – Turkey. In this country, you can buy the 100GB plan for just $0.10 a month. 

To make the most of this affordable plan, you simply need to follow the above guides to spoof your location using a VPN. This will give you a Turkish IP address and allow you to enjoy your Google One subscription at a super low cost. 

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