2022 FIX: Peacock not working with VPN (10 solutions)

Fix Peacock not working with VPN

Peacock is an American video streaming service run by NBCUniversal, featuring content primarily from NBCUniversal studios and other third parties. The service offers three subscription plans: Free, Premium and Premium Plus, with the free version being ad-supported and offering limited content, while the premium subscriptions offer larger content, including additional NBC sports and WWE Network. … Read more

How to watch Funimation in Europe

How to watch Funimation in Europe

Are you fond of Japanese anime but are unable to watch them on Funimation in Europe, because the streaming service isn’t available in every country on the continent? Worry no more, as we’re here to help you out. By following our recommended solutions and steps, you’ll manage to unblock Funimation in each European country immediately. … Read more

How to listen to iHeartRadio in the UK

How to listen to iHeartRadio in the UK

Listening to iHeartRadio in the UK may seem challenging for many living in this country. However, if you follow our solutions accordingly, this should no longer be an issue. iHeartRadio is a broadcast, podcast, and radio streaming platform owned by iHearMeadia – a media company based in the United States. With iHeartRadio, you can listen … Read more

Set up a Chromecast VPN for Netflix [Complete Guide]

How to set up a Chromecast VPN for Netflix [Complete Guide]

Google Chromecast is a cheap streaming device that you can plug into your Smart TV to gain easy access to a wide range of online services, including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Google Play. If you’re interested in using a VPN for Netflix to unlock movie catalogs that are normally unavailable to your region, you should know that you … Read more

How to fix VPN not working with Netflix [Complete Guide]

Netflix VPN error [10 solutions to fix it for good]

VPN services are bliss to many Internet users most especially when it comes to accessing blocked websites including Netflix among others. However, some users claimed that their VPN is not working with apps like Netflix. We understand how annoying it can be, but do not worry! We have come up with this troubleshooting guide for Windows users whose … Read more