Fix HBO Go Location Error, Out of Service Region in 5 Steps

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How to fix HBO Go location error

If you encounter the HBO Go location error, you will need to apply some solutions to get rid of it. This article features these solutions with meaningful, relevant information, so do not hesitate to keep on reading.

HBO Go is an on-demand TV streaming platform owned by WarnerMedia Studios & Networks.

However, this service is available in a selected number of countries outside of the Americas. So, users from any unsupported countries cannot access this service in the usual way.

When a user tries to access or stream HBO Go content from an unsupported region, it will show a location error.

Usually, the message is like the following one: You attempted to start a subscription of the HBO GO service of XXXXX country, but you seem to be located outside of its territory based on your IP address.

Fortunately, there is a way to bypass this issue easily. Before discovering that method, you may want to look at some key information.

Why is HBO saying it’s not available in my region?

In general, location errors occur only when you try to access an HBO Go website from a different region. This streaming service has separate websites for some specific regions.

As a result, even if you are in a supported location, you may still get the error if you try to access a different HBO Go website exclusively available for a region other than yours.

Your experience with HBO Go turns wrong if a location error occurs when you try to access it. But, you can easily enjoy any geo-blocked content from this site if you follow the steps below.

Another thing may occur for some users who use a proxy or a poor VPN connection. As all popular streaming platforms use VPN blocking technologies, users with a VPN that doesn’t have proper obfuscation may see any geo-location error.

These are the following scenarios reported by different users about HBO GO troubles:

  • HBO GO out of service region
  • HBO GO you are currently outside of your subscription country
  • HBO content redirection (error on both MAX and GO)
  • HBO GO territory null
  • HBO GO 6.1 error
  • HBO GO location error Romania, CZ, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria
  • Surfshark , NordVPN HBO GO location error

Is the HBO GO region lock?

Short answer, yes. You can still experience restricted access to HBO Go or Max based on the region you are located.

Even if the streaming platform expanded its availability across many countries, there are still geo-blocking rules.

Can I use VPN for HBO GO?

If you have an HBO Go geoblock problem on your account, the key method is to connect to a VPN with multiple server locations globally.

It may be possible to face issues with HBO detecting VPN usage, so there are suitable VPN tools that hide their traffic with obfuscated server technology.

For instance, PIA software is a great example of bypassing VPN detection with advanced protocols that can get through streaming client detection.

What can I do if the HBO Go location error occurs?

1. Visit the proper HBO Go website

You may live in a country where this service is available, or you may be connected to your preferred VPN location. In this case, you must visit the correct HBO Go website. So, double-check which site you are visiting.

Here are a few HBO GO websites:

  • – Visit to find all HBO Go’s websites for EU countries
  • – It will redirect you to the correct website based on your IP address

However, there are some other websites for other than EU and Asian countries. But, most of them will automatically redirect to HBO Max’s website as HBO Go is no longer available in some of these countries.

2. Subscribe to a high-quality VPN

VPN is the best way to unlock any geo-restricted content or websites. However, a poor VPN connection will always cause problems. So, to fix the HBO GO location error, a high-quality VPN is a must.

For this, Private Internet Access is the best choice as it has countless servers worldwide, and it works great when you try to stream any large video content. You can use PIA on any streaming platform and also for gaming and surfing.

Note that ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost VPNs are also excellent choices as countless users are using them without any problem to stream geo-restricted videos. Do not hesitate to test the VPN connection stability and see that by yourself.

3. Configure VPN on your device

3.1 Use a reliable VPN app

  1. Go to your VPN provider’s official website.
  2. Download the correct app for your pia
  3. Login with your VPN credentials.pia login desktop app

3.2 Manually use a VPN on Windows

  1. Press Win+I on the keyboard to open Settings.
  2. Go to Network & on network and internet win11 settings
  3. Go to on vpn win11 settings
  4. Click on Add on add vpn win11 settings
  5. Provide all the information correctly.
  6. Click on Save.saving vpn configuration win11 settings

4. Connect to the proper server location

  1. Open the VPN app.
  2. Connect a server located in a country where HBO Go is available.pia connect usa server

It is not recommended to use a VPN manually without an app. But, in that case, you can just click on the Connect button next to the VPN name.

However, it will connect only to the server according to the IP address you provided during the configuration.

5. Start watching HBO Go

  1. Visit the correct HBO Go website.
  2. Sign in and activate your subscription or signup if you don’t have an account.
  3. Start streaming your favorite content.

At this time, you will not see the HBO Go location error like before.

What are the differences between HBO Go and HBO Max?

HBO Go website without location error

You may wonder if HBO Max and HBO Go are the same or not. These are not the same but are owned by the same company.

HBO Go is for international users of selected countries. But, HBO Max is available in the USA and some other supported territories.

HBO Max offers all of HBO Go’s content and many more exciting shows and movies. However, its availability is limited.

On the other hand, HBO Go is available for a broader number of users. HBO Go is free for you if you already have a cable subscription, like HBO Max.

Both of these subscriptions are also available on a monthly price basis, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc., in addition to the cable subscription.

However, the difference does not matter until you don’t have a problem watching either of them. Even more, if you want to watch HBO Go from France, you will have to solve geo-restriction errors first.

Get around geo-blocks by using one of the best VPNs to watch HBO Go from France. Also, note that with VPN you can also get HBO Max for cheaper.

If HBO Max is not working with VPN, do not hesitate to check out the linked article and try SmartDNS, use a different VPN protocol, or apply the other tips.

This article featured the steps to fix HBO Go location errors, as you can see above. If you know any related information that can help others, you can let everyone know in the comments box.

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