5 Best VPNs with Connecticut & US Servers [Tested]

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Connecticut is a small state located in the southern part of the New England region in the United States. The state is bordered by New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Long Island.

If you are visiting this city or you live there, you might want to get a VPN client that has a server in the location considering that there might be some websites that are blocked in this location.

Asides from this, there are also other reasons why you’d need a VPN in Connecticut. We’ll look at them later in this article.

However, finding a VPN with servers in Connecticut or neighboring states is not the easiest thing to do. That’s why we wrote this article to show you the best VPN in Connecticut state. 

Is Connecticut region locked from VPN?

Using a VPN in Connecticut is 100% legal and there are no restrictions whatsoever. Every citizen has the right to online privacy.

Connecticut even reaffirmed that right when its government enacted a comprehensive consumer data privacy law on May 10, 2022.

This law, which is called Connecticut Data Privacy Act (CTDPA), seeks to protect citizens from unscrupulous individuals or entities who may want to use consumers’ data for unauthorized activities. 

But as we all know, these laws are not enough to offer full data protection to users, and that is why VPNs are important. 

Why use a VPN in Connecticut?

VPNs are useful tools for anybody that uses the Internet, no arguing that. Here are a few of the most improtant reasons why they are beneficial to use in Connecticut:

➡️To protect your data from state intelligence alliance:

Connecticut is a state in the United States, which means it is covered by US laws. But what does that have to do with VPNs? you may ask. Well, the United States is a member of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes alliance.

These are state intelligence alliances created to monitor and share the activities of internet users among member countries. So if you are in Connecticut, you’re sure to be affected by these alliances.

➡️To make it past the regional ban:

Using a VPN can help you get around geo-restriction in Connecticut.

You surely wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation where you can’t watch your favorite movie or play your favorite game due to licensing rights or other restrictions.

➡️To protect yourself against data theft:

Apart from protecting your data from the government, a VPN will also help you protect your data from individuals, entities, and even hackers who might be trying to steal your data.

What are the best VPNs with Connecticut servers?

1. Private Internet Access – fast Connecticut servers

vpn with connecticut server

PIA has a lot of servers worldwide and in the United States. The VPN has a whopping 29,650 servers scattered across various locations in 80+ countries.

This is by far the highest number of servers provided by any VPN client, with locations all over the world.

Not only you get fast Connecticut VPN servers, but you can also access platforms that are restricted in the US, such as Binance.

With this long list of servers, you can bypass geo-restriction as well as use a server with very minimal server load in Connecticut.

PIA is the only reputable VPN for now that has a server in Connecticut, and it actually has servers in all 50 US states.

It’s a reliable VPN in the aspect of online privacy and security. It combines OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols with AES-128-GCM or AES-256-GCM to safeguard your online activities and sensitive information.

 Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Connect to PIA’s Connecticut servers to keep up with your local websites, bypass geo-blocks and protect your data!
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2. ExpressVPN – leading VPN with 20+ US server locations

vpn with connecticut server

With ExpressVPN you can easily find a reliable server from different cities in the US to get a fast connection in Connecticut. Plus, it has server placed all over the world to bypass geo-blocks.

The VPN is based in the British Virgin Islands – a country that is neither a member of any intelligence alliance nor has any data retention law.

ExpressVPN has a large server network of 3000+ servers across 160 locations in 94 countries. This provides a variety of options to choose from when it comes to servers.

It is very reliable in unblocking geo-restricted content and works seamlessly with major streaming platforms.

ExpressVPN uses obfuscation to hide your connection in such a way that these platforms detect that you’re using a VPN.



Get the best VPN speed and bypass any geo locks with this strong and untraceable VPN!
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3. Cyberghost VPN – optimized for streaming and gaming

vpn with connecticut server

Cyberghost is also a great option for you if you’re in Connecticut. The VPN uses military-grade AES-256-bit encryption and WireGaurd protocol to provide speed and security to its users.

You never have to worry about your data security because CyberGhost follows a strict no-log policy so it doesn’t log your online activities. This means it’s impossible for anyone to track your online activities.

The VPN is owned by Kape Technologies which is based in Bucharest, Romania. This is a very privacy-friendly location that is outside the jurisdiction of the Five, Nine, and Fourteen Eyes intelligence alliance.

With more than 7,700 servers across 91 countries, you can connect to a super-fast server from Connecticut. It doesn’t have servers in the state, but in neighboring states, so you’ll get high speed nevertheless.

 CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN

Improve internet speed, encrypt your private information and access any page you want with CyberGhost!
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4. Surfshark VPN – multi-platform VPN with 600+ US servers

vpn with connecticut server

Surfshark is another trusted VPN that will guarantee you a fast and secure connection. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly service, Surfshark is your go-to VPN.

The VPN doesn’t have servers placed in Connecticut specifically, but it works really well there. Plus, it has low one-month prices, and even better deals if you decide to get a long-term plan.

This VPN offers a very reliable service that is effective in bypassing geo-restrictions and is great for streaming. It has many US servers, many located close to Connecticut, so you can get fast connections.

It can help you stay on top of regional web pages when you travel because those are placed at the country level, not the state.

Its security is top-notch as it uses one of the strongest encryption algorithms (AES-256-GCM) to route your traffic. Protecting you against brute-force attacks.

From Connecticut, you can connect to any of Sufshark’s 3,200+ servers spread across 65 countries and enjoy a safe and secure connection. 



Install Surfshark on all your devices to get unrestricted and fast connections!
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5. NordVPN – untraceable servers in 15+ US cities

vpn with connecticut server can NordVPN bypass Netflix

With 14 million users worldwide, Nord is by far a big name in the VPN terrain. The VPN is operated by Nord security from Panama.

This is amazing because Panama as a country has no data retention laws and isn’t part of any intelligence alliance.

This means that with NordVPN your data is always safe. Thanks to the encryption and zero logs policy, your NordVPN connection cannot be tracked.

You’re sure to find a server in Connecticut with NordVPN’s 5,200+ servers, spread across 60 countries, including the United States.

To protect your data, Nord follows a strict no-log policy and offers a kill switch that automatically disconnects your device from the internet once there’s a connection issue.

It provides top-level security using the industry-standard AES with 256-bit keys military-grade encryption, together with the OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPsec, and NordLynx VPN protocols.



Connect to a US server to get fast connections in Connecticut, or pick an international server to browse freely in all corners of the web.
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Protecting your Internet activity with a VPN is a necessity for anybody who uses the web on a regular basis. Most of us are targets to cyber-attacks because a lot of regular activities are now happening online.

Online shopping and simply using social media mean that you provide a lot of private information on the web, and a VPN can help you encrypt that data making it impossible for hackers to find it.

A VPN with Connecticut servers can help you bypass ISP throttling in the state by establishing a fast and unrestricted connection.

International servers help you encrypt traffic data and bypass any regional blocks to access any website or streaming platform such as HBO Max US, that is not available in your location.

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