5 Best VPNs to Watch Korean Netflix from Anywhere in 2024

With the best VPN, watching South Korean Netflix abroad is as easy as it gets

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best vpn korean netflix

Finding a VPN for Korean Netflix can be tricky, but I’ve got you covered. Despite the platform’s strict anti-VPN measures, I’ve found options that work seamlessly.

After testing several, I’ve identified the best ones that effectively bypass geo-locks and deliver excellent streaming speeds for enjoying Korean Netflix abroad. Let’s check them out.

In a hurry? Here are the best VPNs for Korean Netflix!

Here are the must-know essentials of my top picks. For more details, keep reding.

NordVPNDouble VPN technology for enhanced security; 10+ servers in South Korea.
ExpressVPNThousands of Korean IP addresses; Fast speeds; No activity logs.
SurfsharkBudget-friendly; 3,200+ servers; Works with multiple platforms.
hide.me VPNFast and stable connections; Affordable plans; No logging policy.
PureVPNOptimized servers; Split tunneling; Multiple device support.

How to watch Korean Netflix with a VPN?

  1. Sign up for a VPN subscription plan (I recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download and install the s.oftware.
  3. Launch the VPN.
  4. Connect to a VPN server from South Korea.NordVPN-South-Korea
  5. Start watching Netflix.watching netflix korea abroad with nordvpn

This is how you can watch Korean Netflix in the US, Canada, or any other region where it’s geo-blocked. As you can see, the process is very straightforward without much effort needed from you.

What’s the best VPN for Korean Netflix?

I handpicked the best VPNs for Korean Netflix after thorough testing and evaluation. Here are the key criteria I considered:

  • Availability of servers in South Korea
  • Streaming speeds and reliability
  • Ability to bypass geo-blocks and access Korean Netflix content
  • Security features, including encryption and a no-logs policy
  • User-friendly interface and compatibility with various devices

All things considered, here are the best Netflix Korea VPN options:

1. NordVPN – best double VPN technology

NordVPN all countries

NordVPN is known to work very well with streaming platforms, being able to unblock many of the most popular ones. Netflix Korea is no exception.

If you want to stream your favorite K-Dramas, TV shows, and movies from anywhere, then NordVPN can be the real deal for you.

NordVPN has 10+ VPN servers located in South Korea and uses sophisticated technology that is successful in circumventing Netflix’s VPN detection.

NordVPN South Korea

As such, you won’t encounter the proxy site error since it’s proven that NordVPN works with Netflix very well.

What else you must know about NordVPN:

  • 5,400+ servers in 59 countries
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Up to 6 devices are connected simultaneously
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 live customer support

Get NordVPN

2. ExpressVPN – fastest VPN protocols

ExpressVPN USA New York

ExpressVPN excels in many areas, offers very fast speeds, and is very effective at circumventing geo-blocking.

Therefore, if you’re currently located outside of South Korea and want to watch K-dramas, movies, and TV shows from the Korean Netflix library, this tool is a good choice.

The VPN offers thousands of Korean IP addresses thanks to its dedicated VPN locations in South Korea.

ExpressVPN South Korea server

ExpressVPN excels at bypassing geo-blocks and prioritizes security and privacy. It encrypts your traffic, masking your IP address from third parties, including your ISP. With its proven performance and unique features, ExpressVPN is a top choice for overall reliability.

What else you must know about ExpressVPN:

  • 3,000+ VPN servers in 160 locations across 105 countries
  • No activity or connection logs
  • Up to 5 devices are connected at the same time
  • Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 live chat support

Get ExpressVPN

3. Surfshark – best budget-friendly VPN

Surfshark United Kingdom London

You can easily use Surfshark to unblock Netflix KR without having to worry about encountering a Netflix site error in your web browser.

The service comes with 3,200 servers in 100+ countries. It includes Korean servers that make it easy for you to unblock Netflix Korea.

Surfshark South Korea server

Surfshark is an extremely good VPN for streaming Netflix content from foreign libraries, and it also works just fine with other popular streaming platforms and online websites and services.

As such, with this VPN service not only will you be able to bypass the Netflix detection while accessing Netflix Korea but also other geo-blocks while trying to access other types of online content.

What else you must know about Surfshark:

  • 3200+ servers in 65 countries
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Unlimited devices connected simultaneously
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 friendly customer support team

Get Surfshark

4. hide.me VPN – affordable Korean VPN servers

hide.me vpn united kingdom server

I extensively tested hide.me VPN and found it to be a reliable option for accessing Korean Netflix.

With servers located in Seoul, Korea, hide.me VPN offers fast and stable connections to Korean servers.

hideme vpn korean server

From my experience, hide.me VPN ensures smooth streaming of K-Dramas and movies, with no buffering or interruptions.

Its premium plans start from $2.69 per month, making it an affordable choice for accessing Korean entertainment.

With hide.me VPN, you can enjoy secure and uninterrupted access to your favorite content from South Korea.

Other Features:

  • Secure encryption to protect your data
  • No logging policy for maximum privacy
  • Unlimited bandwidth for uninterrupted streaming
  • Easy-to-use apps for all devices
  • 24/7 customer support for assistance whenever you need it

Get hide.me

5. PureVPN – Your Gateway to Korean Entertainment

With servers in Seoul, Korea, PureVPN ensures uninterrupted streaming of your favorite Korean content.

With dedicated servers optimized for streaming, you can enjoy your favorite K-Dramas with minimal buffering.

purevpn korean server

The split tunneling feature allows you to prioritize Korean Netflix traffic, ensuring faster streaming speeds.

Additionally, PureVPN offers a built-in ad blocker to enhance the streaming experience by removing interruptions.

Its affordable plans starting from just $1.96 per month make PureVPN an excellent choice for accessing Korean entertainment without breaking the bank.

Other Features:

  • Split tunneling for customized VPN usage
  • Dedicated IP addresses for enhanced security
  • Ad blocking and malware protection for a safer browsing experience
  • Multiple device support for simultaneous connections
  • 24/7 live chat support for any questions or issues

Get PureVPN

What can I watch on Netflix Korea?

Here’s a quick glimpse of some of the most popular shows on Netflix Korea:

  • Kingdom: A historical horror-thriller series set in Korea’s Joseon period, where a crown prince investigates a mysterious plague that turns people into flesh-eating monsters.
  • Crash Landing on You: A romantic comedy-drama about a South Korean heiress who crash-lands in North Korea and falls in love with a North Korean army officer.
  • Vincenzo: A dark comedy-drama series following a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer who seeks revenge on a conglomerate by using unconventional methods.
  • Squid Game: A dystopian thriller where financially struggling contestants compete in deadly children’s games for a chance to win a large cash prize.
  • Itaewon Class: A coming-of-age drama centered around a young ex-convict who opens a bar in Seoul’s Itaewon district and seeks revenge against a powerful corporate family.
  • Signal: A crime drama where detectives from the past and present communicate through a mysterious walkie-talkie to solve cold cases and prevent crimes.
  • Hospital Playlist: A slice-of-life medical drama following the lives of five doctors who have been friends since medical school and work together at the same hospital.
  • My Mister: A poignant drama about three middle-aged brothers and a young woman who develop an unlikely friendship while facing various challenges in their lives.
  • Start-Up: A romantic drama set in the world of South Korean tech startups, where aspiring entrepreneurs chase their dreams and navigate the complexities of love and ambition.
  • The Uncanny Counter: A fantasy-action series about demon hunters known as “Counters” who disguise themselves as employees of a noodle restaurant while battling evil spirits.

Are VPNs legal in Korea? Yes, South Korea doesn’t have any laws against VPNs. However, the country does have a little bit of a history of censoring the Internet and blocking content deemed inappropriate.

Even though some type of censorship exists, there’s no need for you to be concerned about any legal implications when using a VPN service per se; there is certainly – as in other countries – some kind of online activity that can be punishable by law.

Therefore, the real challenge here would be to choose the right VPN if you want to stream content from the South Korean Netflix library without being restricted.

If you’re wondering about whether you’ll get banned by Netflix for using a VPN to access South Korea, then you’re safe as long as you choose one of our recommended and tested VPN solutions.

One important thing worth mentioning is the fact that NordVPN is one of the few VPN services out there that provide an incredible feature, namely, obfuscated servers that actually hide the fact that you’re using a VPN to reroute your traffic.

NordVPN enable obfuscated servers

Your ISP can’t track your online activity when you’re connected to a VPN server; however, it does know that you’re using a VPN by looking at your data packets.

By connecting to an obfuscated server, your data packets are changed, so your VPN traffic can no longer be blocked and your ISP won’t realize that you’re using a VPN unless they choose to inspect your data packets manually.

NordVPN connect to obfuscated server

By providing this great feature, NordVPN is a go-to VPN solution not only in this particular case with Netflix KR but also in other situations when you want to use a VPN in restrictive countries where there’s a great level of online censorship.

Although Netflix is doing its best to block VPNs and proxy servers, it doesn’t ban Netflix accounts verified as VPN or proxy users.

As such, you should rest assured and use a VPN confidently to watch Korean Netflix K-Dramas from the US, Europe, Africa, and basically from wherever you need them, regardless of where you’re currently located.

Why does Netflix block VPNs?

Netflix streaming error

Since Netflix offers different streaming libraries of content for each geographical area, the service expects that you will only stream content that is available in your region.

And, therefore, it uses VPN blocking technology to prevent you from circumventing their geo-blocking and abusing their service.

In many situations, you’ll get a Streaming Error message informing you that You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy and recommends that you disable it before trying to use the service again.

When you use a VPN or a proxy, your real IP address is masked and another one from a country from which you want to access the service is assigned to you.

Unique detection system employed by Netflix

Unfortunately, with few exceptions, Netflix successfully employs a detection system by which it discovers that you’re connected to a VPN server and blacklists it when you try to access the service.

Netflix proxy detection

This appears to be done by blocking most of the VPN and proxy servers based on their IP address ranges.

So, there’s a great chance that you will end up in this situation unless you are prepared in advance and choose a reliable VPN that bypasses this blocking.

Avoid detection with DNS server routing

The proxy error can also appear when your VPN or proxy routes your traffic through local DNS servers; this is because Netflix first checks your IP address and then your DNS server location.

To prevent this, you need to make sure you’ve subscribed to a VPN service that routes its traffic through its own DNS servers.

Although it’s understandable why Netflix implements such a no-VPN-friendly policy, you shouldn’t be discouraged at all from trying to enjoy your favorite TV shows.

The right VPN for Korean Netflix

specialty servers
Source: NordVPN

If you do well your research before choosing a VPN – and you can be sure you did since you came here – there’s no need for you to worry anymore.

And this is regardless of whether you want to stream your favorite Korean K-Dramas or any other TV shows not available in your country.

There are plenty of VPNs that will do very well their job in unblocking geo-restricted content from South Korea or any other country for that matter.

However, NordVPN is the best solution by far as it was tested specifically for this purpose, and it has the right set of features that can get you through any such blockage.

As far as Netflix is concerned, you might end up with a proxy error when trying to access certain streaming libraries, so the best thing is to pick the VPNs that are the most reliable and friendly for this service.

Is there any good free VPN to watch Korean Netflix?

We understand how tempting is to get a free VPN for Korean Netflix, but if you want a complete and secure experience on Korean Netflix, we recommend not using them.

Unfortunately, if you’ll go for this kind of solution, you’re going to compromise your safety, security, and possibly even your personal data. Plus, your Korean Netflix activity might be discovered and banned.

In these terms, it is best to invest in valuable software, that will always guarantee the smoothest experience you can have and NordVPN is one we would definitely choose.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best VPN for Korean Netflix, go with the top-listed solutions from our selection.

If you need a virtual private network for any other purposes, you can check our selection with the top VPNs for Windows 10 PCs.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment in the section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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