How to Watch Bravo TV in Europe & Anywhere Outside US

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How to watch Bravo TV in Europe

If you want to watch Bravo TV in Europe, you should follow a few steps to bypass geo-restrictions. This article will guide you on how to do it.

As a result, Bravo TV shows like The Chef, Married to Medicine, The Real Housewives series, Winter House, Southern Charm, Project Runway, Below Deck Mediterranea, etc., gained massive popularity outside of the USA.

Suppose you want to watch these shows from European countries like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Romania, etc. In that case, you have to trick the platform into thinking you’re in the US. Here’s how:

How can you watch Bravo TV in Europe?

1. Choose a VPN

To bypass the location-based restriction to watching anything online, a VPN is the best option. For Bravo TV, not all VPNs will work because the platform uses detection technology to block them.

Thankfully, VPNs such as ExpressVPN have built-in obfuscation, a feature that makes VPN traffic look like regular HTTPS browsing. This makes your VPN invisible and undetectable by Bravo TV.

It enables you to safely access Bravo TV in Europe.

By lowering lag and getting around your internet service provider’s bandwidth throttling, streaming with ExpressVPN improves your streaming experience.

A web browser usually allows streaming services to function effectively with ExpressVPN. Instead of using the streaming service’s app when using a computer device, you can view it using a web browser. You can download the streaming service’s app for your mobile or streaming media device.

NordVPN, CyberGhost, Surfshark, and Private Internet Access have similar features. So, These are also ideal options for you if you don’t want to get ExpressVPN.


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2. Connect to a proper VPN server

Once you choose and subscribe to the VPN service, it’s time to install it and connect to a server in the US. This will bypass the region locks on Bravo TV.

  1. Download the app.
  2. Install it.
  3. Login with VPN credentials.
  4. Connect to a USA server.

Some VPNs have dedicated protocol enabled by default to achieve the same facility. Obfuscation is inbuilt in ExpressVPN, so it’s automatically enabled whenever you choose to connect to a server.

3. Subscribe to an online TV streaming service

Bravo TV Project Runway featured in YouTube TV

A VPN can only unblock the geo-restricted contents. To watch Bravo TV from Europe, you will still need a subscription. If you don’t have a cable TV subscription where Bravo TV is available, you will need to subscribe to an Online TV service.

There are plenty of ways to watch Bravo online. Bravo is available on Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, Hulu, Fubo, YouTube TV, Spectrum TV, and Xfinity Choice TV without a cable subscription. Check out more details below.

1. Hulu

We know Hulu as a traditional video streaming platform like Netflix. But, Hulu also offers a Live TV streaming package at an extra cost. You can easily stream Bravo TV on Hulu if you have that subscription.

However, Hulu is USA only service. As a result, you will need to use a VPN to create an account and a gift card or USA-based credit/debit card to pay the subscription fee.

2. YouTube TV

Like YouTube Premium, YouTube TV is another paid service from Google. YouTube Live TV service offers an extensive list of TV channels, including Bravo TV.

It is easy to get a subscription on this platform as you can pay the fee using any credit or debit card. However, You will need to use a USA address and zip code in payment information.

3. Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the best platforms to stream Bravo TV in Europe. It has different packages that you can choose from, including some cheaper ones.

You can use a gift card or any payment method based in the USA to subscribe here. But, You must be connected with a VPN as it is available in the USA only.

4. FuboTV

FuboTV is a dedicated TV streaming service, unlike YouTube or Hulu. However, It is also available in the USA only. So, you will require a VPN connection and a proper payment method to subscribe.

You can watch Bravo TV here and many on-demand contents and live videos from various TV channels.

5. DirectTV

To watch Bravo TV live, DirectTV is another popular choice. It also has more than 40,000 on-demand content. So, Along with live TV, these will add extra benefit to your entertainment experience.

These are some of the best platforms you can pick. However, After subscribing to any of them, make sure you connect to a USA VPN server while streaming any TV channels, including Bravo TV.

Why do I need a VPN to watch Bravo TV in Europe?

You need a VPN to watch Bravo TV in Europe because it bypasses geo-restrictions, letting you access content limited to the U.S. A VPN also enhances your online privacy, prevents ISP throttling for smoother streaming, and expands your access to a broader range of international content beyond Bravo TV.

If you try to access Bravo TV from Europe without VPN, you’re likely to encounter messages indicating that the content is not available in your region.

That’s because the platform knows you’re in Europe based on your IP address. By changing it to one from the US with VPN, you’ll trick Bravo TV into thinking you’re in the States.

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How to watch Bravo TV on the official website in Europe?

In general, you do not need to watch it on their official website. The platforms mentioned above will give you the option to stream Bravo TV on their app or website.

However, the steps are pretty straightforward if you want to stream it on Bravo’s official website. Here are the things you will need to do.

  1. Connect to one of the USA servers using your VPN app.
  2. Visit this official Bravo TV website page from any modern desktop browser.
  3. Choose your TV provider. Use the search box if necessary.bravo tv choosing provider
  4. Verify with your credentials or activation code.
  5. Start streaming.

What Can I watch on Bravo TV?

Bravo TV’s programming slate is diverse, with a strong emphasis on reality shows that explore various facets of lifestyle, culture, and entertainment. Some of the network’s offerings include:

  • The Real Housewives Franchise: This series explores the lives of affluent women in different American cities, showcasing their personal and social dynamics.
  • Below Deck: The series gives viewers a glimpse into the working and personal lives of yacht crew members during the charter season.
  • Top Chef: A competitive cooking show where chefs contest in various culinary challenges to win the top chef title.
  • Vanderpump Rules: This series follows the staff of a West Hollywood restaurant owned by Lisa Vanderpump, capturing their work engagements and interpersonal relationships.
  • Project Runway: A competition-based show focusing on fashion design, where contestants are tasked with creating garments under certain restrictions to be judged by a panel.
  • Million Dollar Listing: This reality series tracks the professional endeavors of real estate agents in major cities as they navigate the luxury property market.
  • Southern Charm: The show documents the lives of several Charleston socialites, highlighting their personal and professional experiences within the city.

Can you watch Bravo TV live without cable?

You can stream Bravo TV with and without cable. There are many online TV streaming platforms where it is available at no additional cost to your existing subscription fee.

For that reason, this TV channel is available for a broader number of devices, including PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android Phones, Tabs, TV Boxes, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Smart TVs, and other modern devices with a desktop-class browser.

As many streaming services offer Bravo TV, you will get at least one of them for your device. Though it is preferable to watch anything using an app, you can still live stream this TV channel from your browser.

Where to watch Bravo live?

To watch Bravo live outside the United States, use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and access streaming platforms such as Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, or AT&T TV Now. These services offer Bravo among other channels, providing flexibility and convenience globally.

Can I Get Bravo Through Amazon?

Yes, you can access Bravo content through Amazon, but with a slight twist. While Bravo itself isn’t directly available as a standalone channel on Amazon Prime Video, you can watch Bravo shows by purchasing individual episodes or entire seasons through the Amazon platform. This option is ideal for viewers who are interested in specific shows and prefer to own them digitally.

Is Bravo TV available in Canada?

You can watch Bravo online Canada with your trusted VPN, in the easiest way. You can circumvent geo-blocking limitations and re-connect to your favorite program wherever you are by using a VPN.

Please note that you won’t be able to stream this TV channel either on the official website or app or the third-party platforms mentioned in the article without a proper VPN and a good internet connection.

The above steps are enough that let you watch Bravo TV in Europe. As you will need a VPN, choose it wisely. For best, choose any of the ones mentioned in this article.

If you want to share your experience with Bravo TV using a VPN in Europe, you are welcome to input your thoughts in the comment box.

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