17 Brave Browser Market Share and Other Brave Statistics

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brave browser market share

Brave browser market share continues to grow as internet users seek enhanced privacy when exploring the web.

Launched in 2019, this service blocks unwanted ads and trackers by default. It also offers extra features like built-in HTTPS Everywhere and Brave VPN extensions.

We’ve hunted down 17 Brave browser statistics for a comprehensive look at its influence and growth.

Fascinating Brave browser market share facts 

These stats shed light on Brave’s popularity, demos, and other fascinating metrics.

  • Its monthly active users have surpassed 57 million.
  • The browser’s built-in search reached 2.5 billion queries in its first year.
  • Brave browser market share is only 0.05%.
  • 74.69% of users are men.
  • Brave is 13.3% faster than Google Chrome.
  • Shared ad revenue to date is worth approximately $5.95 million.

Brave browser growth stats

How big is the service and how does it compare with the rest of the web browser market?

1. Brave monthly active users have surpassed 57 million.

Sources: [Brave.com, Brave Transparency]

The Brave browser user growth has experienced an incredible surge. It doubled for 5 years in a row

The 2022 report showed 50.2 million monthly active users for the 2021 year. As of April 2023, those numbers have risen to 57.27 million monthly and 22.06 million daily active users.

2. Brave’s built-in search reached 2.5 billion queries in its first year.

Source: [Brave.com]

The browser’s search recorded 2.5 billion queries within 12 months of launch. It even reached highs of 14.1 million queries per day. The feature aims to help people ‘de-Google’ their browsing. Still, you can also use Google via Brave anonymously.  

3. Brave browser market share is only 0.05%.

Source: [Kinsta]

Despite such impressive numbers, in the global web browser marketplace this only represents a tiny 0.05% share. Google still dominates by far, with 77.03% of the pie for Chrome. Apple’s Safari is a distant second with 8.87%, while Firefox has 7.69% of the share. Brave’s closest rival is the Russian-made Yandex, with 0.91%.

4. The Android version of Brave browser has more than 100 million downloads as of 2023.

Source: [Brave.com, Google Play]

Its mobile app growth is certainly down to being a new product in the market. But it was still higher than any other mobile browser in 2021, surpassing 10 million downloads.

As of 2023, it has over 100 million downloads on Google Play, which is in the same ballpark as Firefox. However, Google boasts a total of over 10 billion Chrome app downloads.

5. Brave’s website received 171.9 million visits in April 2023. 

Source: [SimilarWeb]

The homepage is popular in its own right, generating over 170 million visits in April. This was down 2.49% from March. 

Additionally, it was 9th in a ranking of similar tech sites, ahead of WordPress. The majority of traffic came from the United States (37.52%)

Brave browser performance stats

In terms of performance metrics, where does this service rank against other leading providers? 

6. Brave browser is 13.3% faster than Google Chrome.

Source: [MakeUseOf]

One of the best indicators of a web browser’s future success is its overall speed. Every user wants a fast and efficient experience.

Based on Basemark Web 3.0 benchmark tests, Brave scored 250.97 and Chrome scored 217.56. This makes it the fastest desktop web browser.

7. Chrome beats Brave in battery usage by 1%.

Source: [MKSGuide]

By monitoring battery consumption on Windows laptops and Android mobile, Chrome actually conserved more than Brave.

The 3-minute video test saw it consume 2% of the battery, while Chrome only used up 1%. However, users may see this as a fair trade-off since Brave is faster. 

8. Brave is 43.5% faster than Firefox.

Source: [Level Up Coding]

When pitting Brave head-to-head with Firefox, it came out on top with a 1557.2 score. Firefox’s score was 1059.77. This makes Brave 43.5% faster on average. 

When comparing core features, the only area Firefox excels in is more advanced device syncing settings.  

9. Samsung browser is faster than Brave on Android.

Source: [Android Authority]

Shockingly, Brave came in second to Samsung’s native browser on Android. Samsung scored 303.14, while Brave got a 281.66 score.

It still ranked ahead of every other service, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera

These Brave browser statistics take a closer look at who is using it and how this compares to the likes of Chrome. 

10. 74.69% of Brave browser users are men.

Sources: [Enterprise Apps Today]

The vast majority of users are male, accounting for 74.69% compared to 25.31% female. In comparison, Chrome’s gender distribution is almost equal, with 34.1% male and 34.3% female users.

11. Nearly 60% of Brave browser users are 34 years of age or below.

Source: [Enterprise Apps Today]

This service appeals to a younger audience. 58.87% of users fall between 18 and 34 years old. Digging further, 27.73% are between 18-24, while the largest chunk is slightly older at 31.14% for 25–34-year-olds.

Then, there’s a stark decline as age increases. Only 4.91% are 65 or older.  

Source: [SimilarWeb]

According to April 2023 data, the Android app is most popular in Canada, followed by France, the United States, and Germany. 

13. There are over 1.3 million Brave Verified Creators.

Source: [Brave.com]

Brave Verified Creators reached 1.3 million, which is a 30% increase from previous figures. They’re content creators, publishers, and website owners who have registered and verified their accounts with Brave’s platform. 

Brave browser financial stats

Although it pales in comparison Google’s revenues and value, Brave’s financials still can’t be ignored. Let’s have a look!

14. Brave value estimates as high as $52 billion.

Sources: [Seeking Alpha, Brave.com]

Concrete Brave browser revenue figures haven’t been released. But estimates are as high as $52 billion.

It employs a unique advertising model where users can opt into seeing ads. They can then receive 70% of the revenue in a crypto token, called Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). 

At the start of 2023, the company reported 7.5 billion ad confirmation events to date.   

15. $BAT is the 13th-most distributed token on Ethereum.

Source: [Brave.com]

With 464,289 on-chain BAT holders, BAT is currently ranked as the 13th most distributed token on Ethereum. 

16. Shared ad revenue to date is worth approximately $5.95 million.

Sources: [Brave.com, CoinMarketCap]

User revenue share for advertising campaigns results in a total of 27,169,302 BAT. Based on the current USD value as of writing ($0.219) this has netted $5.95 million. In comparison, Google AdSense pays out billions in publisher revenue. 

17. Brave ads have an average click-through rate of 8%.

Source: [Brave.com]

The average CTR for a Brave ad campaign is 8%. That’s much higher than the industry standard 2% rate. However, this engagement makes sense when users actively opt-in to see ads.

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With speed, privacy, and revenue sharing, Brave offers a unique and secure web browsing experience. It provides a true alternative to data giants like Google. 

Although Brave browser market share lags well behind Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, it continues to grow at a rapid rate. It’s also likely to continue to appeal to a more privacy-focused public.


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