Fix: Please Disconnect from VPNs or Proxies and Try Again Error

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How to Fix the Please Disconnect from VPNs or Proxies and Try Again Error

Encountering the Please Disconnect from VPNs or Proxies and Try Again error on Steam can be a source of confusion and inconvenience for many users. 

This guide is designed to demystify the reasons behind this error and provide effective solutions. 

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the Steam platform, understanding and resolving this issue is crucial for a seamless gaming experience.

Why am I seeing the Please Disconnect from VPNs or Proxies and Try Again error?

Getting the Please Disconnect from VPNs or Proxies and Try Again error on Steam can be puzzling if you’re not familiar with the platform’s security and regional policies. Steam implements strict measures to align with licensing agreements and pricing models that vary across different regions

Here’s a deeper look into why this error occurs:

  1. Regional Licensing Agreements:
    • Content restrictions: Certain games and content on Steam are geographically restricted based on licensing agreements with publishers. These restrictions ensure that content is only available in regions where the publisher has rights to distribute.
    • Compliance with local laws: In some regions, specific games or content might be prohibited due to local laws or regulations. Steam needs to enforce these restrictions to remain compliant.
  1. Pricing strategies:
    • Variable pricing: Steam prices its products differently in various countries, reflecting local market conditions and purchasing power.
    • Preventing price arbitrage: If a user in a higher-priced region uses a VPN to mimic being in a lower-priced region, they could access cheaper prices, which is considered an unfair exploitation of regional pricing.
  1. Security measures:
    • Fraud prevention: VPNs and proxies can sometimes be used for fraudulent activities. Steam’s detection of such connections is part of its effort to protect against fraud and unauthorized account access.
    • Account security: By ensuring users connect from their genuine geographical locations, Steam enhances the security of user accounts.
  1. User agreement compliance:
    • Steam’s Terms of Service: Users agree to abide by Steam’s terms, which include not using VPNs to bypass regional restrictions.
    • Ensuring fair use: These terms are in place to ensure all users have a fair and equal experience on the platform.
  1. Technical stability:
    • Network integrity: VPNs and proxies can sometimes interfere with the stability and performance of Steam’s network, impacting user experience.
    • Consistent service delivery: By encouraging direct connections, Steam aims to provide a stable and consistent service to its users.

By triggering this error message when a VPN or proxy is detected, Steam is actively working to ensure that it operates within the legal and commercial frameworks of each region, while also maintaining a secure and fair environment for all its users. 

Understanding these reasons can help clarify why such measures are necessary and how they contribute to the overall integrity of the Steam platform.

Does Steam allow VPNs?

Steam’s stance on VPN usage is nuanced, reflecting a balance between user freedom and compliance with digital content regulations. While Steam does not explicitly ban VPNs, its terms of service discourage certain uses.

Its primary concern with VPN usage centers around regional pricing and licensing. The platform has different pricing structures in various countries and agreements with publishers that restrict where games can be sold.

However, Steam recognizes that VPNs serve legitimate purposes, such as enhancing online privacy or securing internet connections. Users who employ VPNs for these reasons generally don’t face issues. 

The problems arise when VPNs are used to manipulate Steam’s market mechanisms or content access rules.

Steam actively monitors for such violations, and users found exploiting VPNs for prohibited purposes may face account restrictions or bans.

Because of this, it only allows users to change their account region only once every three months.

How to solve the Please Disconnect from VPNs or Proxies and Try Again error?

Overcoming the Please Disconnect from VPNs or Proxies and Try Again error on Steam, while continuing to use a VPN, can be achieved by following these steps:

1. Switch to a different VPN server

Often, Steam’s error is triggered by connecting through a specific VPN server. Try switching to another server, preferably one in a different region or country.

Pick a good VPN: A VPN service like CyberGhost is advantageous due to its vast array of servers. This variety increases the likelihood of finding a server that doesn’t prompt Steam’s security alert.cyberghost us chicago

2. Check for server-specific issues

Some servers may have issues that cause Steam to flag them. Look for servers with a stable connection and good reputation.

➡️ Choose a server with low latency and less congestion to ensure a smooth gaming experience on Steam.

3. Adjust VPN protocols

Experiment with different VPN protocols. Some protocols are more efficient in bypassing content restrictions while being less conspicuous.

4. Clear Steam’s cache

Sometimes, clearing Steam’s download cache can solve connectivity issues. Go to Steam’s settings and find the ‘Clear Download Cache’ option.

After clearing the cache, restart Steam for the changes to take effect.

5. Consult VPN support

If problems persist, consult the support agents of your VPN provider. They may be able to offer server recommendations or settings adjustments specific to Steam.


Successfully addressing the Please Disconnect from VPNs or Proxies and Try Again error on Steam is all about finding the right balance. 

It involves understanding how VPNs interact with Steam’s security measures and making informed choices about your VPN usage.

With careful application of these strategies, you can ensure a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience on Steam, even while using a VPN.

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