4 Ways To Fix VPN not Working in Saudi Arabia [Bypass Blocks]


Picture this: you’re in Saudi Arabia and you want to access a website or use an app that’s been blocked. Frustrating, right? Although this country banned Whatsapp, and Viber, along with other social media platforms and sites with content that’s deemed offensive like porn, VPNs are legal in Saudi Arabia. And with them, you can … Read more

How to Fix Music Not Available in Your Region on Instagram

music not available in your region instagram

The Instagram music feature was never perfect, but it’s becoming more and more frustrating to use. Many people can’t use most songs, and some can’t access the feature at all. So if you’ve encountered the message Instagram music is not available in your region while trying to add music to your Instagram stories or reels, … Read more

Fix: Your IP address Has Been Blocked From Editing On Wikipedia 

your ip address has been blocked from editing wikipedia

Wikipedia serves as a valuable source of information for millions of users around the globe. However, with such a vast audience, the website faces a constant battle against misinformation. If you’ve received a message indicating that your IP address had been blocked from editing on Wikipedia it’s probably because some of your activity seems suspicious. … Read more