How to Fix AirPlay When It Doesn’t Work With a VPN [Tested]

If you like to stream on your smart TV via AirPlay, using a VPN may be quite frustrating. Unfortunately, AirPlay may not work as intended with your Virtual Private Network.  That is a shame because these services help you spoof your location, unblock geo-restricted content, and hide your activity from prying eyes. On the bright … Read more

Easy Ways to Fix Zenmate VPN Not Working [Tested Methods] 

zenmate not working

ZenMate VPN is well-known as a reliable VPN but sometimes it may not be working as it should, according to some users. Before we start, we feel the need to mention that technical issues are normal to some degree for every piece of software. Unfortunately, not even crucial security components such as VPNs, firewalls, or antivirus tools … Read more

Is Your Router Blocking VPNs? Here’s How to Reconcile Them

A lot of ISPs configure their equipment to block VPN solutions. There are obvious reasons for doing so, which makes the VPN in nowadays meta state of the internet — an irreplaceable user resource. A lot of users have issues with routers blocking their VPN service/routers blocking Ethernet VPN with varying reasons for this occurrence. Ever wondered what … Read more

Amazon Prime Not Working with VPN: HTTP Proxy Error [100% Solved]

Amazon Prime blocking VPN: HTTP proxy error

If your VPN connection is always having issues, especially when trying to stream media like movies and other channels, like on Amazon Prime and other streaming media players. It’s not just frustrating, but can be expensive especially if you have to keep changing VPNs, if you are having this issue, it is highly likely that you see … Read more

Can VPN Work Without WiFi? How to Use Free WiFi With a VPN

If you’ve decided to use a VPN over WiFi, congratulations! It means that you’re aware of the benefits of using a virtual private network solution. A VPN comes with numerous pros, like spoofing your IP address and changing your geolocation. You can use it to visit websites that are otherwise blocked, defeat government censorship, and … Read more

FIX: No Internet After Uninstalling VPN

No internet after uninstalling VPN featured

If no Internet after uninstalling VPN occurs, this article is for you. It contains the methods to fix this problem. We use VPNs to protect our privacy on the Internet. VPN apps are the best way to use VPN connections. As a result, Most VPN providers have apps for smartphones, tabs, and computers, particularly for … Read more