5 Best VPNs to play Point Blank Without High Ping & Lag

  • Point Blank is a popular online game, but you need a steady connection to play it.
  • If you have high ping and lag problems, using a VPN to connect can really help.
  • For Point Blank, it's important to use a VPN that's fast and optimized for gaming.
  • Below are the best VPNs with unbreakable encryption and fast servers for PB.

Point Blank is an expeditious first shooter game that Zepetto, a company based in South Korea developed for Microsoft Windows.

It is now available on Steam with the title Piercing Blow and can be played on any device including PlayStation.

This game gives players the dopamine rush by awarding points for winning a round, killing an opponent, or successfully completing missions.

Its environment depicts a true war zone and you can choose from varieties of weapons and characters.

But all the excitement Point Blank brings dies down with the presence of high ping and latency during gameplay.

Gaming becomes a burden as you cannot attack your opponent swiftly and you end up losing many rounds. At this point, you need to do something to reduce these high ping rates.

In this kind of situation, a VPN is your last hope because it has many powerful features that can eliminate stubborn game lag and high ping.

Even so, it can be difficult for you to pick from hundreds of VPNs in the market today. So we took time out to compile the five best VPNs for you to play Point Blank without high ping and lag.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Point Blank?

Surprisingly, many players don’t seem to know the importance of a VPN. A VPN can help you in many ways such as:

Blocking DDoS attacks: Dubious opponents may send unwanted and overwhelming traffic your way in an attempt to slow down your game speed. A VPN blocks this attack.

Bypassing geo-blocking: Certain regions and countries ban their citizens from playing some games or using some services. If you use a VPN while on these restricted sites, the ban will not affect you.

Preventing data leak: A standard VPN service has a data leak protection feature that prevents your information and credential from seeping through websites.

Improving Internet connection: A VPN enhances your internet connection speed and allows you to play any game like Point Blank effortlessly.

A VPN is a powerful gaming tool with powerful features that turns an ordinary player into a superfast and stable player.

How Do I Use a VPN with Point Blank?

In this short guide, we will use ExpressVPN because it is the best so far in gaming. It has dedicated game servers, can bypass regional restrictions with ease, and adapts easily to any network environment.

  1. Get an ExpressVPN subscription.
  2. Download and Install the VPN to your device
  3. Select a server closest to you and connect.hearthstone can't connect
  4. Launch Point Blank on your device and enjoy your game time.

We advise you to always go for servers close to you. This is because it helps boost game speed for reduced ping and latency and offers a more stable internet connection and this in turn reduces ping and latency.

What are the best VPNs for Point Blank?

1. ExpressVPN – perfect for uninterrupted gameplay

point blank vpn hearthstone can't connect

ExpressVPN holds a powerful position in the industry because of its collection of standard VPN protocols like IPv4, IPv6, WireGuard, and Military 256-bit encryption to protect its users from cyber attacks.

This VPN provides its subscribers with dedicated IP addresses every time they visit a website. ExpressVPN is reputable among gamers as being the best in bypassing a city’s restrictions no matter how strict it is.

With ExpressVPN DDoS attacks becomes a thing of the past. Also, no third party can request your online activity because ExpressVPN upholds a Zero Log Policy.

ExpressVPN also boasts 24/7 Customer Support because their customers are their priority.



Use ExpressVPN to fix latency and protect yourself from malicious gamers that try to steal your data!
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2. Private Internet Access – enormous number of game servers

point blank vpn vpn with connecticut server

PIA (Private Internet Access) is well known for its huge collection of 3300+ servers in 73 countries. This is an advantage gamers utilize when looking for less crowded servers in close locations.

The Military-grade encryption embedded in this VPN makes it harder for hackers to dig into your connection and steal your data.

The MACE Ad blocker unique to this VPN obstructs ads from appearing on your screen.

PIA reduces ping and stuttering in online games, including Point Blank.

The fun part is that it totally blocks your ISP from throttling your bandwidth. You can even use the Split Tunneling feature to become even more obscure.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Use PIA to increase connection speed and get rid of high ping and lag in Point Blank.
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3. NordVPN – strong encryption for obfuscation

point blank vpn  can NordVPN bypass Netflix

When you talk about VPNs that follow top security measures to protect their users, NordVPN is a king. This VPN capitalizes on Open VPN, Nordlynx, and IKEV2/IPSEC protocols to shield Point Blank players from malicious attacks.

NordVPN’s Automatic Kill Switch immediately disconnects your device from the internet when your VPN connection is low. This is an attempt to limit data leaks and keep your privacy intact.

You can also connect up to 6 devices at once on this VPN once you have subscribed. If you desire total obscurity and the superpower of weaving through geo-blocking, then NordVPN is your best bet.



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4. Surfshark VPN – unlimited simultaneous device connections

If you are looking for an amazing user interface and unlimited simultaneous connections then we suggest you go for Surfshark VPN.

Surfshark makes it easy to play Point Blank because its servers are incredibly fast and secure.

With a reasonable number of 3200+ servers in 65 countries, Surfshark enables you to assume different identities online in any location of your as you wish.

The Smart DNS is employed to give users a unique IP address for every internet visit.

Surfshark when used with Point Blank cuts off any possible occurrence of lag and latency and allows you a robust internet connection.

Point Blank players can relax and not worry about DDoS attacks because Surfshark fights it efficiently.



Get yourself a better connection for lag-free gaming by connecting to Surfshark’s speedy servers!
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5. Cyberghost VPN – modern encryption technology

point blank vpn

Cyberghost has made quite a name for itself among gamers because of its strong and reliable servers. The VPN has a whooping 7700+ servers in 97 locations, just the right number of servers for a Point Blank player.

Cyberghost relies on the Standard AES 256 Encryption to give maximum protection and obscurity to users online. The VPN assures subscribers of a No Log Policy, and not even the government can make them go back on their promise.

Since you can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously on this VPN, then you will have a memorable time playing Point Blank with your friends in a secure environment.



Stop worrying about high ping and lag by connecting to CyberGhost’s gaming servers!
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Point Blank just like any other game is susceptible to latency and high ping that arises from a poor internet connection, DDoS attacks or ISP throttling your internet connection.

But using any of the VPNs listed above infuses you with a healthy dose of confidence during gameplay. Just make sure to connect to a server closer to you and one with lesser congestion.

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