NordVPN Extension Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It Fast

NordVPN Extension Not Working

Many users reported connectivity issues with the NordVPN extension. So, you might be glad to know that it’s something you can easily fix yourself. You should check your active devices and add-ons to determine the cause of the problem. Let’s start troubleshooting! Why is the NordVPN extension not working? There might be several reasons, including: … Read more

Does VPN Hide Device ID Information? [All You Need To Know]

Does VPN hide device ID

VPNs ensure high-level privacy when using the web, but the amount and type of information it can secrete depends on its implementation and provider. A bare-bones software will change your Internet Protocol (IP) address assigned by your Internet service provider (ISP), helping to spoof your location.  Moreover, it encrypts traffic, so neither your ISP nor … Read more

VPN not Working in Egypt? Here’s How to Bypass the Restrictions

vpn not working in egypt

The Egyptian government usually censors websites that promote free speech on the internet. It also limits the use of apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Skype. The country additionally cracks down on the VPNs residents use to avoid existing restrictions. But, a service with stealth protocols can easily evade such blocks.  So, don’t worry if your … Read more

How To Watch American ESPN in Mexico Without Problems [2022]

how to watch american espn in mexico

ESPN covers all the latest sports events, news, and scores. Unfortunately, its US content isn’t available outside the country. So, if you’re in another location, you’ll have to use a Virtual Private Network to get around the geo-restrictions. With the right service, it’s a piece of cake! We’ll show you how to watch American ESPN … Read more

How to Fix IPTV Not Working on Firestick [Quick and Easy]

How to IPTV not working on Firestick

Using IPTV on your Firestick is among the best ways to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment. You can access quality content outside traditional cable or satellite channels. These services use the internet, so issues like poor connectivity, hardware failure, outdated apps, etc., may prevent them from working. Below, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to address this … Read more

How to Watch an MLB Game Blocked in Your Area [100% Working]

mlb game blocked in your area

MLB.TV is the official streaming platform for US Major League Baseball. It’s available across the world, though restrictions apply where there’s already a traditional television deal. This is called the MLB blackout and affects local team games, nationally broadcast games, and the MLB postseason.  Whenever you find yourself blocked from streaming a game, using a … Read more

Overwatch 2 High Ping Issues? Here’s How To Fix Them Quickly

overwatch 2 high ping

Overwatch 2 is here, introducing 5v5 multiplayer carnage, and as fans of the original, we gave it a whirl.  However, as with most online games, a lot of players are facing the dreaded high ping and latency, which can mean the difference between a winning attack and wondering what on earth happened.  What causes high … Read more