Overwatch 2 High Ping Issues? Here’s How To Fix Them!

overwatch 2 high ping

Overwatch 2 is here, introducing 5v5 multiplayer carnage, and as fans of the original, we gave it a whirl.  However, as with most online games, a lot of players are facing the dreaded high ping and latency, which can mean the difference between a winning attack and wondering what on earth happened.  What causes high … Read more

Cox Packet Loss: How to Fix & Causes

Cox Communications, or simply Cox, is an Internet Service Provider (ISP). It provides several communication services such as digital video, home security, home phone, and high-speed Internet. The latter is one that we’ll focus on since our guide aims to give you the know-how on packet loss, help you understand what are its most common … Read more

Top 5 VPN Services to Watch TOD.TV Wherever You Are

tod tv vpn

If you’re a football fan and want an easy way to watch your favorite sport, TOD.tv is the app to use. It features all the major leagues from around the world through its partnership with beIN Sports. What’s more, it’s packed with movies, TV shows, and other entertainment.  The catch? TOD.tv is currently only available … Read more

8 Best VPNs for Fortnite: No Lag, Ping, or Ban [2023 Tested]

Fortnite is a super popular game but prone to issues like slow connectivity, being mistakenly marked for cheating, and even banned IP addresses, interruption in the gameplay takes place. Hence, Fortnite game players need to utilize VPNs for Fortnite. How does a VPN help in Fortnite? A VPN serves the purpose of masking real locations, … Read more