Is FlixTor Safe? [And How to Use it Securely]

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is flixtor safe

If you’re like me, you’ve probably stumbled upon FlixTor in your quest for quality streaming content and wondered if it’s safe.

Well, I dug deep and can give you a complete answer. I’ll also show you exactly what to do to boost your security on FlixTor and similar streaming apps.

Is FlixTor safe?

No. Besides hosting copyrighted content without the rightful permissions, FlixTor also links to potentially harmful sites and hosts malicious ads.

Furthermore, the connection to the site isn’t encrypted which can expose your activities and data.

Let’s take a better look at what you should be aware of:

Malware and adware

One of the most common risks with free streaming sites is the potential for malware or adware. On several occasions, I’ve encountered pop-ups and redirects on FlixTor that seemed suspicious.

Always be cautious and avoid clicking on anything that doesn’t look right.

Streaming copyrighted content without proper authorization can lead to legal issues.

I’ve heard stories of individuals receiving DMCA notices from their ISPs or even legal entities after accessing copyrighted content on platforms similar to FlixTor.

Unsecured connection

Without a secure connection, your data can be vulnerable. There was a time when I was browsing through FlixTor, and I realized that my connection wasn’t encrypted.

This can expose your activities to ISPs and potential hackers.

How can I watch FlixTor safely?

There’s no denying that FlixTor is risky. But there are ways you can protect yourself from most of the threats on the platform.

⚠️ VPNCentral doesn’t encourage illegal streaming. The guidelines below are for educational purposes only. We strongly advise our readers to stay informed about the regulations in their jurisdictions and stay within the limits of the law. ⚠️

1. Avoid downloads to prevent malware

Downloading files from streaming sites can expose your device to malware or viruses. Streaming directly is safer as it doesn’t involve downloading potentially harmful files.

When you find a movie or show you want to watch on FlixTor, click on the streaming link or play button.

Avoid any buttons or links that prompt you to download the content.

flixtor play button download button

If you’re unsure about a link, hover over it without clicking. The URL should display, giving you an idea of where it leads.

2. Check online reviews before diving in

Reviews from other users can provide insights into the safety and reliability of a streaming platform. They can alert you to potential issues or risks associated with the site.

Look for common themes in reviews, such as safety concerns or positive experiences, to make sure the movie or series you’re about to watch is threat-free.

3. Use a VPN for secure streaming

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts your internet connection, ensuring your online activities remain private. This means your ISP, potential hackers, or any prying eyes can’t see what you’re doing online.

  1. Choose a reputable VPN service. I personally recommend NordVPN or ExpressVPN for their robust security features.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your device.
nordvpn download page on official website
  1. Launch the application and connect to a server.
nordvpn user interface
  1. Once connected, navigate to FlixTor and enjoy secure streaming.
flixtor running with nordvpn connected

Keep in mind that not all VPNs are made equal. I’ll explain below what makes NordVPN my top choice and give you some other recommendations for VPNs I tested.

Best VPNs for FlixTor

All of the options below have been tested. They include advanced privacy features that will keep your identity anonymous and online history private. Also, they have great speed rates for seamless streaming.

Let’s check them out.

1. NordVPN – best overall

nordvpn user interface

NordVPN is a powerhouse in the VPN world.

With its military-grade encryption, I’ve always felt secure while streaming on FlixTor. Its vast network of over 5,0000 servers ensures smooth streaming, even in high-definition.

Furthermore, it offers unlimited bandwidth, so you can safely use it in your binge-watching session without worries.

Plus, the CyberSec feature blocks malicious ads and websites, further enhancing your safety on FlixTor.


  • High-speed servers
  • Robust security
  • CyberSec feature


  • Slightly pricier than competitors, with occasional slow servers.


Stream limitless content without worrying about tracking with NordVPN!
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2. ExpressVPN – fast streaming speeds


ExpressVPN is synonymous with speed. Every time I’ve used it with FlixTor, the streaming was seamless.

Additionally, its split-tunneling feature allows specific apps to bypass the VPN. This ensures I get security and performance on FlixTor and am able to browse locally at the same time.

With servers in 94 countries, geo-restrictions are a thing of the past. Plus I can connect to a server close to my location and get amazing connection speeds.


  • Lightning-fast speeds
  • Split-tunneling
  • Vast server network.


  • Expensive
  • Limited to max 8 simultaneous connections.


Enjoy boundless hours of streaming while keeping your data private with ExpressVPN!
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3. CyberGhosteasy setup and streaming-optimized servers

cyberghost vpn ui

CyberGhost is user-friendly, making it perfect for VPN newbies.

Its dedicated streaming servers optimize the FlixTor experience. The automatic kill switch ensures data protection even if the connection drops.

Furthermore, it offers access to 9,000+ servers around the world. This is more than enough to secure a safe and fast connection for smooth streaming regardless of where you are.

Plus, with a 45-day money-back guarantee, it’s a risk-free choice.

✅ Pros:

  • User-friendly
  • Dedicated streaming servers
  • 45-day money-back guarantee.


  • Slower speeds on some servers, and occasional connection drops.


Keep trackers at bay and stream your favorite shows hitch-free with CyberGhost VPN!
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4. Surfshark – best for multi-device users

surfshark user interface

Surfshark stands out with its unlimited simultaneous connections.

So whether I’m watching FlixTor on my laptop, phone, or tablet, Surfshark has me covered.

What’s more, its CleanWeb feature blocks ads, trackers, and malware, ensuring a clean streaming experience.



  • Newer in the market, smaller server network.


Connect to Surfshark for unrestricted streaming and complete peace of mind!
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5. PrivateVPN best for staying anonymous

privatevpn usa servers

PrivateVPN, true to its name, prioritizes user privacy.

With a strict no-logs policy, I’ve always felt my activities remain private when I use it. Plus, with 2048-bit encryption, security is top-notch.

This means the VPN will scramble your traffic to the point where it’s impossible to detect what you do online. You can rest assured that no one can track your activity and learn that you’re streaming on FlixTor.

Furthermore, Stealth VPN mode bypasses VPN blocks, ensuring uninterrupted streaming even on restrictive networks.


  • Stealth VPN mode
  • No-logs policy
  • High-level encryption.


  • A limited number of servers
  • No 24/7 live chat support.


Shield your traffic history while enjoying fast connection speeds with PrivateVPN!
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Is FlixTor illegal?

At its core, FlixTor itself isn’t illegal. However, it hosts and provides access to copyrighted content without proper authorization, which is where legality becomes a gray area.

In many countries, distributing or accessing copyrighted content without permission is illegal.

While FlixTor doesn’t host the content directly, it provides links to it, which can be seen as helping access to copyrighted material.

It’s essential to be aware of the laws in your country. In some regions, merely accessing such content can be deemed illegal, while in others, the onus is on distribution.

Always prioritize your safety and legal standing when using platforms like FlixTor.

Wrapping up: Is Flixtor safe?

Flixtor can be relatively safe if you take the necessary precautions.

Always use a VPN, avoid dubious links, and stay updated on online safety practices.

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