Private Relay Review: Better or Worse Than a VPN?

iCloud Plus Private Relay VPN

Apple decided to advance its Internet privacy focus by adding some additional features to its premium cloud service which is now rebranded as iCloud Plus. The features included are Private Relay – similar in many ways to a VPN, Hide My Email – burner email feature that allows you to create single-use junk email addresses, … Read more

Fix JCPenney Access Denied & Enjoy Online Shopping [20 Tips]

Can't access JCPenney website

J. C. Penney Company, Inc. (JCPenney/JCP) is an American department store chain that operates in 689 locations in 49 US states and Puerto Rico. With more than 1100 department stores across the USA and an online store, JCPenney is a preferred shopping destination by many Americans as well as some international customers. Unfortunately, some online … Read more

How to Find the Best VPN Country for Crypto Trading?

best country for VPN crypto

Resorting to a VPN for cryptocurrency trading is both needed and recommended. For instance, many popular exchange platforms are restricted or heavily regulated in some areas. Furthermore, it’s best to secure your online identity and investment data. Read on for our detailed overview of which locations are best for crypto exchange transactions and tips on how to … Read more

FIX: Dashlane VPN Not Working (4 Foolproof Solutions)

Fix Dashlane VPN not working

Dashlane is a subscription-based password manager and digital wallet that stores and fills your passwords, personal information, and payments on any device when you need them on the web. Dashlane’s VPN is a paid Dashlane premium and business VPN feature that provides you with online privacy, protection, and anti-geo-blocking features. It also allows you to … Read more

How to Install VPN on Tencent Gaming Buddy [Gameloop]

Install VPN Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy – the Android emulator designed by Tencent Games – is now rebranded as Gameloop. Although the emulator was designed specifically for PUBG Mobile, you also have more than 200 popular games to choose from, including Call of Duty Mobile, Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends, etc. Many mobile game players prefer to use … Read more

5 best VPNs for MetroPCS [Metro by T-Mobile]

5 best VPNs for MetroPCS

MetroPCS – now rebranded as Metro by T-Mobile – is an American prepaid wireless service provider that is owned by T-Mobile US – the third-largest wireless carrier in the United States. The service offers several prepaid data plans as well as cellphones, tablets and other devices. Customers can bring their own phone or can get … Read more