Spotify Can’t Change Country? Here’s How to Fix It Easily!

Spotify can't change country

Spotify is a global music streaming platform that we love for its convenience.  However, some songs are restricted and unavailable to listeners from particular countries.  Spotify is quite strict about region switching, but a robust VPN can get around these rules! Read on to find out how. Why can’t I change my country on Spotify? … Read more

Fix Urban VPN Chrome Extension not Working [3 Tested Solutions]

urban vpn chrome extension not working

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Fix Eve Online Lag For Good Using 5 Tested Solutions in 2023

Eve Online lets online game lovers explore a sci-fi-oriented space adventure. The space MMPORG is an intriguing strategy game that lets users define their own path and explore the space. Unfortunately, as interesting as the game is, a few factors can hinder a smooth gaming experience. For years back, fans of the game complained about … Read more

Aha Not Working with VPN? 5 Quick Ways to Fix It [2023 Guide]

Online viewers can satisfy their love for Indian movies and music on Aha. Aha offers unlimited series, movies, and other interesting content online. However, as this much fun is available online, security and privacy risks become apparent. Plus, such streaming platforms are geo-locked, so you’ll have to use a VPN for Aha if you want … Read more

5 Easy Steps To Fix Black Desert Online High Ping [Tested]

Black Desert is a sandbox-focused fantasy game with a multiplayer option. Korean video-game developer, Pearl Abyss guided the game’s development and release for Windows in 2015.  However, as intriguing as Black Desert is, some drawbacks can be frustrating for fans of the game. No shortcuts, we are talking about Black Desert online high ping, and … Read more