Pirate Bay Not Working With VPN? Fix it for Good!

pirate bay not working with vpn

Pirate Bay has been the target of countless legal suits from content creators and copyright holders. Surprisingly, it has managed to stay online over the years regardless of these challenges. But due to these issues, many countries including the United Kingdom and India have blocked access to this site. That notwithstanding, if your VPN is … Read more

Multiplayer Games not Working With VPN? Do This!

multiplayer games not working with vpn

With large audiences of the multiplayer games come disadvantages which include security risks and high ping and lag. Add that to the fact that many games are blocked in certain regions. That’s why many gamers include a VPN in their gaming toolkit to evade restrictions and protect their privacy. Nevertheless, there have been lots of … Read more

How to watch Japanese TV in Singapore [Quick And Easy Solution]

How to watch Japanese TV in Singapore

Japanese TV offers a wide variety of amazing content. Unfortunately, if you’re outside of Japan, you may not have access to it due to geo-location barriers. However, a reliable VPN can help you sidestep these restrictions, letting you enjoy your favorite shows and movies no matter where you are. Let’s dive deeper and show you … Read more

Viber Not Working With VPN? Here’s How to Fix It Quickly!

viber not working with vpn

Viber, owned by the Japanese multinational company Rakuten, is a popular messaging and calling platform.  However, some users reported issues with using it while connected to a VPN. They received a pop-up notification indicating no internet connection, but other apps were working.  Also, Viber will keep crashing if it’s not working well with VPN. In … Read more