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vpn for sandbox game

Smart internet users know that they need a VPN for

The Blockchain-powered platform is already a buzzing hub for gamers and crypto enthusiasts who want a taste of the Metaverse.

It’s nothing like Ready Player One yet, but it has loads of features that keep users on the website.

That includes a marketplace where players can buy, create, and make money off NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) usually in the form of games and their experiences.

Using a VPN is essential when it comes to accessing the internet and playing The Sandbox games as this allows players to 🛡️protect their online privacy.

That’s why in this article, you will learn about the best VPN for and why you need one in the first place.

So, let’s dive right in.

Best VPNs for Sandbox Games

CyberGhost is the best VPN for and for the entire Metaverse.

And no, it’s not an arbitrary claim, the choice was made after lots of tests, and after carefully considering several important factors.

These factors include:

With that said, below is a comparison table of the best VPNs for Sandbox games so you can make a pick.

VPNServer NetworkCountriesLocationSpeedPricingNo. of DevicesMoney-back Guarantee
CyberGhost9,19391RomaniaUltra-fast$12.99/month745 days
ExpressVPN3,000+94British Virgin IslandsSuper-fast$12.95/month830 days
NordVPN5,78860PanamaVery fast$11.95/month630 days
Surfshark3,200+100British Virgin IslandsVery fast$12.95/monthUnlimited30 days
PIA35,00084Denver, USAFast$11.99/monthUnlimited30 days
IPVanish2,200+52Dallas, Texas, USA.Fast$3.33/monthUnlimited30 days
PureVPN6,500+78British Virgin IslandsFast$2.08/month1031 days

1. CyberGhost – best VPN for

CyberGhost  vpn for

Since its inception in 2005, CyberGhost has risen through the ranks and is now at the top.

Based in Romania, it provides its users with an enjoyable gaming experience as it has all the necessary features every gamer would love.  

It offers over 9,000 servers in 91 countries, with several hundreds of these being gaming-optimized. So you enjoy your games without lags.

CyberGhost is also big on privacy, offering DNS leak protection, an automatic kill switch, split tunneling, and a zero-logs policy.

In addition, it uses AES 256-bit encryption, coupled with strong tunneling protocols like OpenVPN and WireGuard. All of these are necessary for the online safety of its users.

All these and more make it easy for CyberGhost to protect you from speed throttling from your ISPs and reduce your ping.

In short, it’s your best bet to ensure maximum privacy and smooth gaming on the platform.

What Cyberghost offers:

  • 9,193 speedy and reliable servers in 91 countries
  • Kill switch and other security features
  • Zero-logging policy
  • Dedicated apps for iOS, Windows, Android, and Xbox One
  • Unusual 45-day money-back guarantee


Get fast connections and protect your Sandbox data with CyberGhost VPN!
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2. ExpressVPN – speedy servers for faster gaming

expressvpn working with sandbox game

ExpressVPN is another great option for

I mean, the VPN is widely regarded as the standard benchmark for other providers.

With an impressive 3,000+ servers in 94 countries across the world, you are sure to get one to suit your gaming needs. However, the best part is the PrivateDNS feature which is great for gaming.

Not only does this make your DNS requests more private, but it also helps you get faster response times, an essential factor that improves gaming speeds.

In addition, it offers an unbreakable 256-bit encryption and an unlimited bandwidth to help you avoid tracking or speed-throttling from your ISPs.

Furthermore, you also get a strict no-logs policy, RAM-only servers that will never store your data, an automatic kill switch to protect against leaks and strong protocols like OpenVPN and LightWay.

With these features, ExpressVPN boasts super-fast connection speeds and optimum privacy protection, allowing you to play your favorite games without connection issues or fear of losses due to security threats.

What ExpressVPN offers:

  • Over 3000 servers scattered across 94 countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation and Firefox.
  • Strict no-logging policy
  • Kill switch, split tunneling features
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Make ping a distant memory and enjoy Sandbox games to the fullest with ExpressVPN!
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3. NordVPN – speedy gaming with specialty servers

nordvpn working with sandbox games

NordVPN is another premium VPN service that makes for smooth gaming on The Sandbox.

With a wide network of 5,788 servers in 60 countries, NordVPN’s reach is massive, allowing you to experience unmatched location flexibility at the click of a button.

The best thing about NordVPN is that it has a lot of specialty servers.

These include obfuscated servers to hide your VPN usage from anti-VPN systems. It also includes P2P servers, Onion over VPN, and Double VPN servers.

All of this adds to its already impressive privacy features which include military-grade encryption, fast NordLynx, and WireGuard tunneling protocols.

That’s in addition to DNS leak protection, and an automatic kill switch to prevent accidental leaks when your server connection fails.

It also has split tunneling to help you dedicate its resources only to your games.

You can also use NordVPN’s dedicated IP features to further beef up your privacy and enjoy faster access to your favorite platforms.

In summary, NordVPN will give you all the speed and secure features you need to protect your assets on The Sandbox.

What you should know about NordVPN:

  • No-logging policy
  • Huge network of over 5300 servers in 59 countries
  • Personal IP address
  • Supports MacOS, Android, Linux, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Opera and Firefox.
  • Allows 6 simultaneous device connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Make the most of your Sandbox experience – get better speed & privacy with NordVPN!
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4. Surfshark – affordable protection for unlimited devices

surfshark vpn working with sandbox game

Based in the British Virgin Islands, Surfshark provides its users with impressive security and privacy features.

To start with, for such an affordable provider, Surfshark’s 3,200-strong server network is spread across 100 countries of the world.

And before you think that’s all, you’ll be amazed to know that it offers protection for unlimited devices.

Furthermore, just like the other providers mentioned above, Surfshark has all the standard encryption and privacy features and more.

That includes built-in antivirus software plus ads and malware blockers (you must pay extra to use these).

It also has CleanWeb (for protection from malicious websites), and RAM-only servers to help you keep your activities untraceable.

With all this, Surfshark performs exceptionally with Sandbox games. Therefore, you can trust it to reduce ping while also keeping your digital assets safe and secure from malicious threats.

What you should know about Surfshark:

  • Over 3000 servers in 60 countries
  • Zero-logging policy
  • Has apps for Android, Windows, iOS and Xbox One.
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connection
  • Affordable subscription plans and pricing
  • Multi-hop features
  • Stealth mode
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


Get amazing connections and unbreakable data privacy on Sandbox games with Surfshark VPN!
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5. Private Internet Access – flexible security options

private internet access working with sandbox games

When you think of a customizable VPN, PIA comes to mind.

This is because it allows you to choose from 128-bit all the way up to 4096-bit encryption to secure your activities.

PIA is not a pushover in terms of server network either, having over 35,000 RAM-only resources in 84 countries of the world, including all 50 US states.

It’s more impressive when you realize that these servers offer up to 10Gb/s speeds, making PIA suitable for gaming on The Sandbox from any part of the world.

In addition, it offers powerful connection protocols such as WireGuard and OpenVPN for fast unblocking of restricted websites.

Furthermore, PIA has additional privacy features including an ad and malware blocker, an advanced kill switch to prevent data leaks, and multi-hop servers to keep your activities on The Sandbox anonymous.

What PIA offers:

  • 29,650+ servers in 84 countries
  • Allows unlimited simultaneous connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Displays ping on every server
  • Supports Android, iOS, Windows, PlayStation, and lots more.
Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Boost your Sandbox games experience with perfect speed and total privacy!
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6. IPVanish – loads of secure IP addresses for

ipvanish vpn working with sandbox game

IPVanish is another affordable VPN on this list. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s substandard or wouldn’t perform the necessities.

It offers over 40,000 IP addresses and 2,200 servers in 52 countries around the world.

Just like the other providers, IPVanish uses 256-bit AES encryption to safeguard your sensitive information.

It also offers reasonably fast and stable connection speeds using the WireGuard tunneling protocol.

Connecting to IPVanish to play Sandbox games provides you with a seamless and buffer-free gaming experience.

In short, it’s an affordable option to secure yourself from speed throttling while experiencing online freedom without borders.

What IPVanish offers:

  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • 2200+ servers in 52 countries
  • WireGuard protocol for fast speeds
  • Obfuscated servers
  • Split tunneling
  • P2P support


Enhance your Sandbox gaming using this easy-to-use and fast VPN tool!
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7. PureVPN – the easy-to-use and affordable alternative

pure vpn sandbox game

Another affordable but extremely interesting VPN to use for Sandbox games is PureVPN.

It boasts over 6,500 servers in about 78 countries, all of which passed our fast connection test.

It uses the WireGuard protocol for super-fast connection speed and stability so you can have an enjoyable gaming experience.

Alongside, it encrypts your traffic using the industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption.

PureVPN supports port forwarding and split tunneling features, giving you the choice to dedicate its resources to your selected apps.

However, the split tunneling feature is only available on Windows and Android devices.

In all, PureVPN presents all its amazing features in a simple and easy-to-use user interface to make improving your Sandbox experience a piece of cake.

You can download its apps on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux.

What you should know about PureVPN:

  • Affordable subscription plans and pricing
  • Unbreakable encryption
  • Supports port forwarding and P2P
  • Allows simultaneous connections on 10 devices
  • 31-day money-back guarantee


Explore all of Sandbox’s features without worries about high ping or compromised data!
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Why do you need a VPN for

Don’t get the fuss around using a VPN for your virtual gaming? Below is a list of reasons why you need a VPN for

1. Helps to lower ping

When connected to a VPN for gaming, you get the opportunity to choose your own servers, and with this comes a lot of benefits.

Using a VPN can help you connect to a server that is physically closer to the game’s servers.

This ultimately reduces the time your device spends sending and receiving information from, thereby reducing your ping.

2. Hide your IP address

This is useful especially when you’re trying to access from a country where blockchain-powered platforms are banned by the government.

Using a VPN will mask your actual IP address and provide you with another one in a country where the game is available once you’re connected to a server in such a country.

On the other hand, it gets really competitive while playing multiplayer games.

This is important because as long as your IP address is hidden, none of your aggrieved opponents will have any information to trace your location.

If left to chance, malicious individuals can use your IP address to seek information about you and then leak it on the internet.

Most times, you can get spammed with death threats and other forms of harassment. But hiding your IP with a VPN prevents that.

3. Protection from DDoS and other attacks

Oftentimes, gamers in multiplayer games encounter DDoS attacks when the person or people they’re playing against just want to stop them.

This is usually done when your opponent has access to your IP address.

Using a VPN helps to keep your IP address hidden from every other person you’re playing the game with as they won’t be able to find your actual IP address so they can’t attack you.

4. Bypass throttling

ISPs are fond of throttling their users’ speeds, especially if they’re heavy data consumers.

This brings about slow speed which is bad for online gaming. Using a VPN helps you bypass this throttling because it employs a range of tools to combat this.

It does this mainly by tunneling your traffic through its servers instead of the ISP’s pathways.

Once your traffic is hidden, your ISPs can no longer track your online activity or data usage.

With this, you can enjoy your data without fear of throttling after a few hours of heavy downloading or uploading.

5. Get over IP bans can block you for violating its terms of service causing the platform to blacklist your IP address and disable your account.

If that happens, you will need a VPN to continue accessing the service.

However, please note that VPNCentral does not encourage or support any illegal activities on or off the Sandbox website.

Therefore, ensure to use your VPN responsibly and only for legal activities.

6. Play on public WiFi

Most attacks on users are often from unprotected connection to public WiFi.

Connecting without a VPN puts you at risk of having your information in the wrong hands as you don’t know the intentions of other people also connected to the same network as you.

Also, you could pick up dangerous malware, spyware, and trackers from this connection and this puts you at high risk.

However, your traffic on a VPN is always encrypted and securely tunneled to any server you connect to.

In short, this hides your activities behind military-grade encryption and even if exposed, your data will be unreadable to hackers.

7. Anonymous gaming

If you want to play without any of your information online or being identified at all, using a VPN grants you complete anonymity as your data and identity remain hidden.

This way, nobody knows who you are or where you’re playing from even if both players are in the same room.


With all the benefits listed above, you can now see how important it is to use a VPN for

It’s not just for gaming or bypassing geo-restrictions, it also allows you total anonymity and security while providing you with an enjoyable gaming experience.

If you’re at a loss as to which provider to opt for, all the VPNs mentioned in this list have all the required features for protecting you online and many other interesting features.

All you have to do is to make a pick and rest assured that you have a top VPN for

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