Is VPN legal In Iran? Restrictions Explained [2023]

is vpn legal in iran

Residents and visitors in Iran are under severe internet usage restrictions imposed by the Islamic Republic. This massive censorship came after protests over a woman’s arrest for violating Iran’s dress code in 2022.  Social media platforms discussing the event, like Instagram and WhatsApp, were blocked alongside other websites. Therefore, it is no surprise that about … Read more

4 Ways To Fix VPN not Working in Saudi Arabia [Bypass Blocks]


Picture this: you’re in Saudi Arabia and you want to access a website or use an app that’s been blocked. Frustrating, right? Although this country banned Whatsapp, and Viber, along with other social media platforms and sites with content that’s deemed offensive like porn, VPNs are legal in Saudi Arabia. And with them, you can … Read more

36 Fascinating Work From Home Statistics for 2023

work from home statistics

Working from home, telecommuting, or remote work, lets employees perform their professional activities from any location instead of commuting to a traditional office. This arrangement became a pervasive phenomenon in the modern workforce, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Companies and employees around the world adopted remote it as a means to maintain business continuity.  But … Read more

Top 5 VPNs with Obfuscated Servers for Linux & Set-up Guide

vpn with obfuscated servers for linux

Finding a VPN with obfuscated servers can be more challenging for Linux users.  Here’s why: Some VPNs don’t support Linux at all, and some of those that do support Linux don’t offer obfuscated servers. For example, Proton VPN has stealth servers for other operating systems but has yet to integrate this feature in its Linux … Read more

ExpressVPN Obfuscated Servers List [All You Need to Know]

expressvpn ofbuscated servers list

In countries like China, Russia, and Iran, internet censorship is a growing concern, with governments and ISPs blocking access to certain websites and online services.  However, a solution to this problem is through obfuscation, which disguises VPN traffic to bypass censorship and blocks.  ExpressVPN is one such provider that offers obfuscated servers to keep your … Read more